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Villager: Astra



Villager Info

ID: #138040

Name: Astra

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 6 years, 27 days ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Beaky

Feast Points: 0 (2 All-Time)

Species: Raptor

Color: Kestrel


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Astra looks stunning!

Astra's very special treasure!



The sun was setting upon the horizon, when a brightly colored avian bounded across the hills towards a small dingy cottage. "Mah-ma!" she exclaimed. "Mah!" However, her excitement was soon met with the scowls of her parents. "Astra... do you know what time it is? Have you completed your chores? Where is your little sister?" It was with the last sentence that she came bounding back to reality. Astra looked around frantically before staring wide-eyed at her parents. "She was right behind me, Mah! Honestly!"

Their scowls turned to panic, as they flew up and searched the area. Quickly, they were out of sight and Astra was left in complete dismay. Not knowing what to do she ran. She was still too young to fly, so she ran as fast as she could in the direction she last remembered seeing her sister. "Flowie!? FLOWIE?! Where are you!? This isn't a game!" she shouted between tears.

After running what felt like forever, she picked up the smallest cry in the distance. She ran towards it without any thought, and it was there she found her beloved sister, Flower. Flower was not injured, but very very cold and very very damp. Astra scooped her up, and ran towards their cottage once more.

By now the sun had set, but she knew the woods well enough to bring the two of them back. She just had to be mindful of any possible dangers. At the cottage, her parents were waiting now worried even further as both of them had been missing. "FLOWER?! ASTRA!?" They cooed upon seeing the two of them. Within moments her parents had picked up Flower and began to look her over. Astra's mother, being a doctor was definitely helpful.

Astra watched her parents intently, but mostly her mother. "Is Flowie going to be okay, Mah?" she asked as she brushed her tear stained cheeks. Mother looked at her lovingly, but with a heavy heart. "I... I don't know."

Only a month later, Flower had left this world with a sickness her mother knew nothing about. Astra could never forgive herself, and refused to talk to her parents - avoiding the outside world all together.

But that had been years ago, when she was but a young fledgling. Now Astra lives wandering the woods where she had befriended a kindly farmer, Bea - who has taken her under her wing. With the loss of her parents due to old age, and her sister at such a young age she confides in Bea all that had happened to her. Bea acts as a mother figure, and sees a bit of herself in Astra - hoping one day to bring her back to her former love of nature and the world.

During the day, she explores the land around here in search of seeds, and other useful items to aid her friend on the farm. While she's not very good at it, and tends to get... fairly distracted.. she tries her best to help out Bea.

Bea insists that if she works very hard, and brings her seeds that she will eventually teach her a bit of Herbalism. Astra is hopeful for this, as nature and the greens that grow from the ground have always been a secret curious passion of hers.

Bea's apprentice.

paintie by Kiwiggle
headshot by Soni
astra's toyhou.se

Comments 13

    • Mesmerising! I adore Kestrels, so sweet to see this lovely pastel girl ^-^

    • Aquarius giggles softly, "We do seem to compliment each other quite well!"

    • Aquarius blushes slightly, surprised by the kind comment. "W-why thank you," She splutters. "You're a very pretty bird too!"

    • These colours remind me of the Aurora Borealis <3

    • Wow she's amazing! I love the art, the css, and the story in the description. I can tell you put a lot of thought in to this.

    • !! omg that headshot ... I cri it's so beautiful ;; Soni you did such an amazing job on this aaa!?? ♡

    • I'm just saying the truth holy this is such a great paintie

    • Woah I really like this paintie this is very pleasing to look at

    • Ahhh thank you so much!! im really proud of Ko's paintie!! ;o;

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