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Villager: Sala


Villager Info

ID: #140838

Name: Sala

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 6 years, 2 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Nimaine

Species: Canine

Color: Jackal


House: Quetzal Palace House (250/250)

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Original description from when she was a construction worker.

Paintie by Raevynn

Sala looks up from her pottery wheel. "Hi there Stranger, come to see my wares?" She takes her foot off the pedal, and the wheel slows to a stop as she wipes her clay-ey paws on all already filthy towel, and then on her fur. The brown clay is almost indistinguishable from her brown fur in color, but quite different in texture.

"I do all types of construction and even some clay sculpting." She gestures to a series of sculptures featuring the animals of quetzel palace. They look like they were made by a very young villager, blobby and hardly holding together, but displayed with a sort of fierce pride in accomplishment. "But my favorite, for both my customers and me, is the herbalist pot," Sala continues, ducking under a bench to pull one out.

Unlike the sculptures, this is a very well made piece. So well made, that even if you were not normally inclined towards planting, you are seriously tempted to take this pot, fill it with soil, and find a seed to put in it. It seems to call at something deep within you, like a magic sword calls a storybook hero.

"All these flowers I'm wearing," Sala gently touches the hibiscus at her ear and pats the sunflower by her side, "Are the thank-you gifts of happy herbalists. Right kiddos?" As she says this last phrase, all the flowers with stems proceed to nod, bobbing up and down like the heads of living dolls, and even the hibiscus stirs its petals as if rippled by a breeze.

~~~~~~~~~~~~EE History~~~~~~~~~~~
Dashiel and his sister Kessi are the cofounders and co-Presidents of Explorer Enterprises, a company that sells both finished products and raw materials to all of Furvilla. Sala has been hired by this company to take up her sword and protect both the explorers/gatherers and the animal husbandry workers on their gathering missions. She's surprisingly good at it- or maybe it's her sentient, mobile flower companions who are doing most of the actual work. Sala gets along well with most villagers as long as they respect her flower friends- something that both Dashiel and Kessi do. Some of the flowers are gifts from Sar and Cheema. Sala has been known to lend her fellow warrior Kal buttonholes from time to time.from her own collection, even though she really doesn't care for clothes or appearances the way he does.

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