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Villager: Bridget

Villager Info

ID: #143177

Name: Bridget

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: jasper

Species: Cat

Color: Tabby


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/50)

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Approved: 26 Jun 2017, 3:25 pm

Likes: 22 ♥

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⋆ a lykoi cat & full-time college student ⋆

bridget is a complete and utter introvert by nature. she struggles under social pressures and can often come off as moody and rude without meaning to be. she is a clever cat, but can be a bit of a know-it-all, ever eager to gain validation and acceptance and prove she is useful to those around her. if one is willing to give her enough time and patience, they will in time find that bridget is a trustworthy, reliable, and compassionate friend.


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