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Villager: Nemo

Villager Info

ID: #144817

Name: Nemo

Gender: Demiboy

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Ratvork

Species: Owl

Color: Barn


House: House has been destroyed.

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Nemo no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Nemo into a FC slot.



tue jul 19 '16:
I'm so excited to be here ! After weeks of flying over mountains, I've found my oasis. . . It has taken no time at all for me to settle and be accepted by most here, it's really surprising ! I thought they might have wanted to kick me out, for sure, haha. . .
There are unspoken tensions, like in every family. It's to be expected. However, no one could have missed Aiden's fiddling today - except Nan Hai, who can't stop glaring at me. I admit, I'm pretty careless, but the skilled Herbalist dropped one of his pots today, ruining both Algren's spectacular job and his own harvest.
I wonder if I can do anything about it. . . I'll ask around.

wed jul 20 '16:
Success ! Aiden found the Green Stalk seeds I left around his greenhouse yesterday. The look on his face ! I hope Norv doesn't notice the bulge of his coin pouch is significantly smaller, haha. . . What if they kick me out???
To pay for the stuff I took, I got some schemas to make me stronger in battle. Norv always appreciates me bringing in sky coins; I think he's planning something.

It has paid off ! I'm so excited, I never thought I'd be correct about this ! I offered sketches for seeds and now we have more in reserve than ever before ! Even more exciting is that they're all from Tigereye Peak, which is far away from home ! The profit was more than I could have ever imagined:
40 Ice Lettuce seeds
73 Frost Plant seeds
40 Iceberries seeds
47 Icehands seeds
100 Frozen bells seeds
5 Cotton Flower seeds
Aiden will be even more rosy-cheeked than usual after this ! I'll tell Norv to give them to him, I have a shield in the oven. . .

tue jul 26 '16:
Onwards ! To victory !
There is no place like home, I say ! Sure, it has been rough, but everyone helps out and in the end, we're better off than before ! We're closer, trust each other much more now.
Nan Hai gives me their look every now and again. . . As if they're waiting for me. . . They must want more Sky Coins. I'll do my best for you, I promise !

fri jul 29 '16:
Croix, this is positively the best idea you've had. I'm all in !

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