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Villager: Icey



Villager Info

ID: #154342

Name: Icey

Gender: Demigirl

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Jifi-Dawg

Feast Points: 0 (446 All-Time)

Genus: Galactic Shifty

Species: Demon Goat

Color: Boer/Nubian

Costume: Royal


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/250)

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Approved: 20 Feb 2021, 7:21 pm

Likes: 23 ♥

Tags: pink demon horns punk mist goat piebald hoof horned hoofed

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Icey looks stunning!

Icey's very special treasures!


Icey | Demigirl | Demon Goat | Aquarius | Demi-pansexual
A sassy, confident goat who won't take anyone's shit. She worked very hard to become a Prince of Hell, and makes sure everyone knows it. Despite the rough exterior, though, they're very caring and kind with those who they let into their life, defending them until the bitter end.
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    • he looks like christmas gone wrong with a clothespin head and i am in love

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