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Villager: Chip



Villager Info

ID: #155023

Name: Chip

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: flashwolf

Genus: Shifty

Species: Tonkinese Cat

Color: Blue Point

Costume: Royal


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/250)

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Approved: 29 Jun 2020, 9:28 am

Likes: 75 ♥

Tags: cat blue point tonkinese chipmunk

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Chip is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Chip looks stunning!

Chip's very special treasures!


Chip Fury is a Harbinger assassin specialist.

List of things Chip has killed:

Bird (sparrow)

List of things Chip has broken:

One (1) panther statue
One (1) armchair (chewed)

Snacktime paintie by flashwolf
Chipmunk cape paintie asked to not be credited.


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    • The paintie is amazing!

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    • -shows up one point behind you in feast and sits there happily-

    • Put the chipmunk down. Wait, its that singing kind? Carry on.

    • No
      put chipmunk down-

    • Helllloooooo????????

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