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Villager: Lemon

Villager Info

ID: #155594

Name: Lemon

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 6 years, 19 days ago

Career: Blacksmith

Owner: lunamoth19

Species: Crocodile

Color: American Alligator


House: Olde Foxbury House (61/61)

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Approved: 31 Jul 2016, 2:13 pm

Likes: 11 ♥

Tags: lemonade alligator item drink inanimate liquid juice

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Paintie by Me

Design By: Hnai

Name: Lemon
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Lemonadegator

Lemon is a lemonade alligator. He is literally an alligator with a turso made of glass and filled with lemonade.

Originally a coward Lemon use to always be afraid of his glass breaking or people trying to break him to get at is sweet lemony insides. In time though he grew a much tougher exterior to defend himself from others. By looking tough and talking big he thinks he can frighten the world away from hurting him.

When asked to join on the Furvilla expedition Lemon was shocked! Rarely is he invited into such important matters. Once on the other side of the rift in Dragonmaw was presented with a list of careers, things he could do to assist his expedition mates. He chose blacksmith and has found that he loves the job. Now able to create weapons to fend off those who may break him and armor to protect his shatterable body his fear levels have decreased.


CSS by Cro

Comments 1

    • An excellent gator! Love him. The design is great, and the concept is fantastic as well! A+ from the gator judge!

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