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Villager: Lesuth

Is this a pigeon


Villager Info

ID: #158908

Name: Lesuth

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 6 years, 16 days ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Sassibirb

Feast Points: 0 (4895 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Warrior

Color: Midnight

Costume: Beast


House: Quetzal Palace House (66/250)

Currently being repaired by Cinder.

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Approved: 6 Nov 2016, 12:25 pm

Likes: 222 ♥

Tags: skeleton bones serpent edgy rp scorpion 3d model snakey snaky 3dmodel

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Lesuth is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Lesuth looks stunning!

Lesuth's very special treasures!



With a sleek movement, the beast coils up to face you, its jaw hanging loosely as a breathy, rasping sigh emits from it. "Wherr y'ha doo'n herrrre? This wh'an issa not doin' a harrrm, y'ha know..." It sharply jerks its head, the lower jaw whipping up to collide with the skull with a sharp clack, its tail whirling about to be much in evident. "Y'ha heeerrre forrr a fighhht? Y'ha not'a know what y'ha step intahh, this wan has many an uhpgrahhde!"
With a quick temper and taunting disposition, Lesuth has been in many scrapes and struggles, especially in life, when it was a normal scorpion shifter. However, it wasn't this that caused its death, nor that of nearly its entire village; a fierce raid by the SkyHounds, the dreaded pirate werewolves who control the sky with their infernal steam-powered flight machines are to thank for that. Werebeasts and shifters have never gotten along, and with tensions coming to a head every summer in the South, where water is scarce, the fighting becomes intense as each faction fights over fresh water sources. The SkyHounds are particularly dangerous, as their air maneuverability makes them an extremely difficult target, especially for the land-bound scorpion shifters--remarkably so, when only a handful of the shifters are human enough to be able to wield a crossbow or man cannons. As it was, the raid left the village decimated, leaving a dying Lesuth and only brother, Lesath, alive. Days passed, with Lesuth using whatever strength he had left to keep its younger brother safe, trying desperately to ignore and fight the inevitable.

It was then The Eldest came by, with their youngest sibling Silt, and took pity upon the shifters. As skilled a Necromancer as The Eldest was, she could not bring back the memories of all of the villagers if she reincarnated them, but with Lesuth still clinging to life, she was able to keep his consciousness and memories intact, binding them to one of the sturdiest bones the scorpion shifter had--its stinger and claws. In this way, Lesuth's body passed, but the consciousness remained within the stinger, long enough for the pair of Necromancers to find more bones to connect with the stinger and claws, forming the Lesuth you see today--a mix of sabercat, snake, and scorpion, Lesuth is now more than capable of defending whatever it wants to, and fighting beyond the limits of any normal living beast.

Lesuth's brother, Lesath, is also a scorpion shifter, but is much less scorpion than his brother. Lesath has a small, runty tail, and practically is a normal fur (or human? What's the default species of furry here? Oops), but with patches of exoskeleton, and a definite skeletal structure. Because of his lack of scorpion attributes, he is much weaker than Lesuth--even with poison, as Lesuth found out. When they were young, Lesuth accidentally stung Lesath, but thought nothing of it--why should they, when the young often fight in this way, being immune to the poison of their kind? Only, this wasn't the case with Lesath, who was horribly affected by the poison, resulting in stunted growth, slight paralysis, and a damaged brain. He was lucky even to survive, and, even with treatment, never seemed to fully recover. Confused and upset with Lesath's condition, Lesuth stuck stolidly by Lesath, being as loyal as can be--promising to never let any more harm befall Lesath, who, even now, remains unfailingly loving and kind. Through the years, Lesuth's bond with Lesath grew, with Lesuth becoming very protective when Lesuth fully realized how Lesath will have to live--completely reliant on others, unable to move or fend, or even really speak for himself. And still, even in death, Lesuth's devotion to Lesath remains as strong as ever, with Lesuth's only regret being that their voice isn't as nice for singing as it used to be (Lesuth was never a good person to cuddle with--exoskeleton after all--but now as a skeleton Lesuth can cover itself in pillows and blankets and then become a coily bed! For friends only).

Lesuth is also extremely loyal to the necromancers who brought it back to life, and has since sworn to serve them (given that Lesuth can still care for Lesath). Of course, The Eldest and Silt didn't have any idea what to do with such an offer, and The Eldest, still wanting to help, and feeling that their home is a little lonely, practically adopted the pair as more siblings, and since then they've all lived together. Lesuth has grown close with Silt as well, an the two of them are practically brothers--Lesath seems to approve as well, which is all that Lesuth could ever ask for.

It was a while into settling into their new home when Zuezal, or Beebo was brought back after one of The Eldest's wanderings. Lesath was ecstatic to see a new face, and with 'Beebo' being one of the first things he called her, the name since stuck, with Zuezal glad to play along with such an odd, but caring family. Beebo is still new, but both Lesuth and Lesath are making an effort to make her feel more at home, as The Eldest and Silt are often out on their adventures--either for treasure or helping people get food or water (and marking down places where people have fallen, in the event they need to rise a great many undead).

Lesuth likes to experiment with their skeletal form, and has since adopted two main "forms"; a serpent and a scorpion positioning (reminiscent of how it walked in life). The scorpion form is for when it travels on the ground. Its serpent form is for when Lesuth wants to travel quickly, through means of flight; as often happens with the undead who are such for any extended period of time, they begin to gain elemental powers based off of their surroundings. In this way, Lesuth is able to control the wind only to allow for flight, but specializes in controlling sand, whipping up sandstorms to harass its opponents, and to also hide within the dust cloud, becoming a silent stalker.
Due to Lesuth's death, its stinger no longer retains its poison, but this is remedied with soaking the stinger in a poisonous mixture (courtesy of Silt).

All in all, Lesuth is a dangerous enemy, but to find a better friend, one would be hard-pressed.

Scorpion form:
//Serpent form is as depicted above at start of bio
(Sculpt + coloring by me)

(rip butterfly I hecKED It Up)
my big bad tough lvl 20 warrior eating all other monsters in Deadly Monsters except for harbringers
nom nom nom


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