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Villager: Lexi



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ID: #167761

Name: Lexi

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 5 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Dreki

Feast Points: 0 (14 All-Time)

Species: Mustelid

Color: Wolverine


House: Oceandome House (99/99)

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Approved: 30 Sep 2018, 8:24 pm

Likes: 28 ♥

Tags: sweater coat jaquel cold weather

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    • "I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'll assume I haven't seen it yet." Zatarin scratched at the back of his neck before looking down the hall again. It sure was quiet. Without looking, he reached towards the table and put the bottle back down. "It's more obvious to tell if I don't like someone, they'll get a million insults until they bug off. If you never talk to anyone really, maybe you should try to get out more. Either alone, or take your family somewhere and, you know, interact with new people," Zatarin gritted his teeth at the thought. "If you're in to the whole making friends with strangers thing, that is, I'm not really. I'd rather avoid a crowd"

      A quiet rustling was heard from down the hall and Zatarin's ears turned slightly as he listened. "I'm too busy anyways. If I don't keep slaying monsters, something bad will happen. I can't go off a week to skip through flowers, or whatever people do." Zatarin turned his head back to face Lexi. "I can't really give idea suggestions though. I get around a lot, but not to anywhere, well, safe. And my ideas of fun are for sure not yours. Or family friendly." Zatarin smiled weakly and his ears folded downwards. "You know, I've never been sure if it's hard to befriend new people, or if my looks just scare people off. Some people make it look easy. Maybe the 'get out more' idea is stupid, but that's what people always told me. I don't know what you do in your spare time, you might get out plenty for all I know." He shrugged. "It's not my issue or business anyways."

    • Zatarin snorted quietly as he listened to Lexi. Though his expression was blank, he was secretly trying not to laugh again. "No one is uninteresting. We just have different ideas of what is interesting. I don't have any thing to ask you about, however. I'm not good at...Conversation like this, honestly. If you really wanted me to think, I might ask something too intrusive. And that's not good. Nothing is wrong with rambling, I'm great at that myself." Zatarin grabbed an empty bottle off a small table near the couch and he tapped his claws on it, making a quiet pinging sound with each tap. "You seem like the kind of person who likes everyone. Is that true, or am I wrong? That counts as a question, right?"

    • "Pool noodles..." Karia snickered before slowly climbing down to the floor. "I'm going to go see what fell. Hopefully it was nothing important." She scurried off out of the living room and down a hall. Zatarin then readjusted himself since no one was on his back any more. His legs had been starting to fall asleep.

      "Better mental pain than being dead, or losing a body part, I'd say." Zatarin crossed his arms across the back of the couch and laid his head down, he was staring down the hall Karia took off to. "Even the worse people have a bit of good in them." Zatarin's tail swished once. "But that still doesn't make them good." Zatarin yawned and his ears folded back. "I can't even br-" Zatarin sat up right and forced a cough. "I'm saying too much again. I don't even really know you, why am I telling you this stuff?" Zatarin leaped off the couch and pointed his right paw at Lexi dramatically. He had a paranoid sort of look on his face. "You're using magic to make me talk, right? Who sent you?" Zatarin's eyes widened and he tried to keep a serious face but cracked up and laughed for a few seconds, then lowered his paw. "I-I'm joking. I'm sorry, I'm being all depressing. I've been told I talk too much. Say too much. Some think I'm just cocky and don't care. I think I just, well don't care in the not caring what others think way. Might as well say enough to see if someone runs or not. No use finding out later. You should tell me something about you." Zatarin inched back towards the couch and plopped back down. He gave Lexi and expectant look.

    • "I don't chew things well." Karia opened her mouth widely to show she only had two large blue spider fangs and no other teeth. She then snapped her mouth shut. "But thanks for the offer." The Aerkit reappeared next to Karia, floating in air. The Aerkit batted at the Kritty's tail before vanishing again. This caused the Kritty to leap down from Zatarin's back and dart out of the room.

      Zatarin shook his head in response. "Gum sticks to my teeth too much, pass." Zatarin watched the Kritty dart out. The sound of something falling was heard in another room after. Zatarin just shook his head again and looked at Lexi. "As much as I love a good fight, I wouldn't try to fight him. Though if he tries to jab those antlers at me...I might get the file out." Zatarin chuckled and grinned widely. "I have...Issues holding myself back in fights. A few guys didn't exactly wake up after." Zatarin frowned and looked away, fidgeting his thumbs together now. "I have a lot of old bad habits, I suppose you can say. I've gotten better but accidents still happen. I try to just walk away from pointless fights to avoid hurting anyone. But if that makes you worried I don't blame you."

      Karia pats Zatarin on the back then eyes Lexi. "He's not as bad as he makes it sound."

      "Well I'm not great either, I'm not going to sugar coat it." Zatarin replied. "It's hard to change old ways, more so than some think. That's one reason I told Killian I wouldn't bother him again. I don't want him to pick up any habits from me...Or get hurt."

    • "Drunk people are just funny to me. Zatarin is also funny that way. And kind of cu-" Karia was cut off as Zatarin cleared his throat loudly to stop Karia from finishing what she was saying. Karia started giggling and Zatarin made a quiet, non-threatening growl. She stopped giggling after hearing that.

      Zatarin pet the aerkit a few times before it suddenly vanished in to thin air, leaving behind a purple mist that quickly faded away. That lavender smell in the house seemed to get stronger after the cat vanished. "I'm not bothered at all, really. I deal with worse shit than that quite often. Better a few angry words than a physical fight, right?" Zatarin's left ear twitched and he scratched his chin.

    • "I wouldn't let anything bad happen if he gets hold of any around me." Zatarin turned his head downwards and he poked at the side of the couch. "I'm not that careless anymore. Besides maybe in the comfort of my own home, that is..."

      "He drags drunk people here sometimes just to make sure they are safe. Though some people get the wrong idea about that." Karia seemed to be petting the Kritty more than the Aerkit now. This made the aerkit meow a few times until she pet him more. "Some of them are funny to watch."

      "Thank you for the unneeded contribution, Karia." Zatarin scoffed. "I just give off that up to no good vibe, I know. Fine? Why wouldn't I be fine? Wait, fine with what?" Zatarin reached back and grabbed the purple cat by the scruff to pull him around front and he held the cat up against his mane. The aerkit squirmed at first, but then rubbed at Zatarin's fur with content. "Sorry if that's a stupid question. I'm not sure what your question is aimed at. Too many topics." Zatarin laughed weakly out of awkwardness.

    • Both Zatarin and Karia stared at Lexi with a bit of concern over his laughing fit. Though Karia ended up giggling quietly after a moment. Zatarin couldn't comprehend how he found it so funny.

      "No one visits because he's too cranky." Karia says before pressing her face against Zatarin's mane. Zatarin let out a snort and tilted slightly, causing Karia to fall off and land on her back. Her legs twitched as she stared up at him. "You prove my point." Karia flipped herself upright and climbed her way back on to Zatarin's back.

      "Shh..." Zatarin contemplated making her fall off again, but refrained. "Deer what now?" Zatarin asked Lexi as he focused on him again. "I'm sure that's not always true. It's just a stereotype." Zatarin looked up to the ceiling in thought. As he did that, A purple aerkit climbed the back of the couch and sat on Zatarin's back next to Karia. It was soon followed by a pumpkin kritty who did the same. Those most have been the 'cats' he mentioned before. Zatarin might as well be the couch at this point. Karia pet the two and they snuggled up closer to her.

      "I won't say anything, I'm not a rat." Zatarin replied. "You should let him know I don't attack people unless they attack first. Or if there's a good reason. I doubt I'll go near that...Park again. But you could tell him if he ever wants to see me, just come over. If I'm not here, Karia would be. Usually. I'm usually out looking for monsters to kill...Or hanging out at the bar. But I don't think Killian needs to go near the bar or the monsters. But if he doesn't want to see me again, that's his choice."

    • "According to Killian, I am...Gothic cotton candy. Sounds like something a five year old would say." Zatarin makes his way across the living room. Most of the furniture was pretty normal, though it was also dark colors. But some of it was over sized. Like the couch, it was huge. Zatarin walked over to the couch, turned sideways, and plopped down on it, tucking his legs up and laying as that was really the only way he could 'sit' on it. He filled the whole couch up. The house looked clean at least. And that lavender smell was stronger. At least it didn't smell like smoke in the house. There was a few empty bottles here and there, however.

      Near by the couch was a more normal sized armchair. Karia was tucked in to the chair though. She eyed Lexi with her six eyes, each one blinking at a different time. She doesn't even need to blink, it was a mystery why she was doing that. Karia scooted off the chair and darted over towards Zatarin. "I'm sorry I slammed the door in your face mister, I got nervous." She quite literally climbed up on Zatarin and sat on his back, then stared at Lexi. Zatarin didn't seem to care. "You can sit in the chair." Karia pointed to the armchair. "My name is Karia before you ask."

      Zatarin glanced at Karia before looking back at Lexi. "...Right, anyways." Zatarin resumed. "You just reminded me why I never want kids. If they draw on my walls I'll chase them with the eraser." Zatarin smirked. He was joking. Maybe. Perhaps not. Zatarin's mane fluffed up and he dug his claws through the fur as if trying to comb. "I'm sorry you got stuck with a cranky Killian showing up. I also might have spooked him by roaring at him when he was leaving. I was trying to get his attention."

    • "My memory gets better for a person the more I know them. I don't think most would believe me if I told them why I forget so easily." Zatarin moved away from the door frame and stood properly now. "I swear I'll never call you Harold." Zatarin grinned slightly. "Lexi sounds like a better name anyways." Zatarin grinned more then let out a snort. "Oh, and I know I'm edgy. That's what the kids call it now days, right?" Zatarin turned around and headed down the hall. "Close the door on your way in, or else the cold will follow."

      A light flicked on in the living room at the end of the hall and reveled the walls were even painted black. No wonder it looked so dark in there. There were drawings of strange things in frames on the wall of the hall. They seemed to be drawings of monsters of some sort. Zatarin was already out of sight, that is until he peeked back in to the hall to see if Lexi was coming.

    • "Bug me, no, I'm not doing anything anyways. Yet." Zatarin leaned up against the door frame and unfolded his arms to run a paw over his ears. "Man, I barely just met the kid. How did this...Hunter person, even know about me to assume that?" He tapped his claws together and went quiet for a moment in thought. "I don't really know what happened either, he just got all pissy at me. I'm not really big on talking to people, if I said something odd I might not have even noticed. Maybe he was mad I couldn't remember his name. I don't remember your name, either. I know you told me, I'm sure..." Zatarin shook his head. "Or maybe he didn't like me saying I won't bother him again. I don't want to become a bad influence. Hang around me too long and who knows what the hell you'll end up doing." He shrugged. "But I really didn't mean to forget anything if that's why he's mad." Zatarin turned his head and looked down the dark hallway before looking back at Lexi. "Maybe you should just help him find someone else to bother...Do you want to come inside for a bit? You must have come quite a ways. Nothing in there bites, besides the cats. And maybe the spider who can't answer a door correctly."

      "I HEARD THAT!" A females voice yelled from within the house. "I DON'T BITE ANYTHING EXCEPT DINNER!"

      "Er- Ignore her." Zatarin laughed weakly.

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