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Villager: Kynriiv Alpha Abissali



Villager Info

ID: #167939

Name: Kynriiv Alpha Abissali

Gender: Wagosneak

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 4 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: StarCatChipsLord

Feast Points: 0 (356 All-Time)

Species: Snake

Color: Sea Monster

Costume: Beast


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/140)

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Approved: 20 Dec 2017, 4:39 pm

Likes: 104 ♥

Tags: snake wings blue glow glowy ears hognose snek noodle navy blue 4 eyes wagosneak

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Kynriiv Alpha Abissali looks stunning!

Kynriiv Alpha Abissali's very special treasure!


(Comments coding by Tashamon)
(Now talks in-character!)
Female/Alpha Queen Wagosneak/Agressive

Alpha/Leader of all the Wagosneaks

Main Careers|Warrior/Tailor/Animal Husbandry/Cook


"Aniehvn siin blanvryhh?"

:Introduction Lore:
Because of her species' cave-dwelling nature,Kynriiv is rarely seen around the town of Dragonsmaw Manor.Many villagers try to avoid her at all cost because of her wild behavior,short-temper and threatening size.Kynriiv does not talk very often because of lack of interest on having a conversation with anything that she considers inferior to her.

:Actual Lore(working on it):
Kynriiv Alpha Abissali is a huge,long and dazzlingly bioluminescent serpent.This Wagosneak is approximately the size of a tall building, and has very heavyweight bone structure.Although its head and arms are bare,its body is covered with a soft coat of feathers and sharp scales, dark colored down and with soft-glowing tips.The origin of Kynriiv is unknown, and was first seen lurking in a cave near the town of Dragonsmaw Manor,probably expanding it's hive territory (note: a group of Wagosneaks is referred as Hive).
Local warriors confirm they have seen the creature chase and disappear with an inexperienced explorer called Wibble.

:Cook Lore:
One of Kynriiv Abissali's hobbies is cooking.....other villagers....If you're a bovine or a chicken,its highly recommended to stay away from her before its too late.Seriously,dont eat the food that she makes.She always tries to be classy when cooking something.

:Animal Husbandry Lore:
No,she does not sell the wild animals she tames.Kynriiv is almost always successful when taming a animal,anything that refuses to give in their lives to her is severely punished and those who accept to serve her are forced to fight on her side when battling,something like: "Fight that thing for me or die!"


Bio currently under work since the profile description resets for no reason

Paintie by StarCatChipsLord (meh)
Wagosneaks are owned by me,this means you cannot make one without MY permission.

Comments 20

    • So enchanting! :O

    • So pretty??? I love their design!

    • How could you steal my cookies you beautiful Wagosneak...

    • ( will do!!! )

    • ( i can pretty easily get a sea monster snake :0 i'd honestly like to splice it together myself and yi >w< )

    • ( thank!! what parts (basically) did you use? so that i can follow how it's supposed to look pretty much? and thank you for the compliment! )

    • ( not IC at all but i so wanna make a wagosneak now :V i've wanted to since i saw this paintie )

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