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Villager: Boadie



Villager Info

ID: #169084

Name: Boadie

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 11 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: s3nnr3nn

Species: Hyena

Color: Brown


House: FurCoin House

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Boadie looks stunning!


nb mlm (he/they)


Humorous and friendly, though sometimes a little brash, Boadie always loves a good joke.
His cat Yuni is his adopted "daughter", but dont tell her that. He likes sparing/battling as a sport, and is a little reckless for a warrior, but enjoys his job, and takes it seriously.(though odly enough as far as vexes go, he is more submissive than most) he grows succulents and airplants as a pass time, and holds much love in his heart for his plants.


Toss me a PM if you want to roleplay!
Boadie is a Vex! Their species info is in this link here!

Paintie done by fluffmoth !

Comments 33

    • P.S. I think your a good artist!

    • Report if you want but... HE IS SO HOT IN THAT HAMMOCK!!! Lol like I said...... do whatever you have to if you feel this is innapropriate

    • Eeeee he's so cute sitting in that hammock! <3

    • Aren't you an interesting one?
      Never seen anything quite like you before~

      Not that it's a bad thing, makes you special!

    • I'm sure it's just because it's not really FV style~ But it really means a lot that you commented on her profile! c: Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment ^-^

    • Alright! Sorry I changed actives btw, I was answering someone on Rocket's profile. I'll shoot you a pm later then! Right now I have to help my mom.

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