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Villager: Kirameku



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ID: #170737

Name: Kirameku

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Hiilumaru

Species: Canine

Color: Coyote


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/296)

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Approved: 17 Sep 2016, 1:03 pm

Likes: 36 ♥

Tags: demon wolf kawaii hellhound jelly

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skDIsEX.gif I'm here to make your life a living nightmare skDIsEX.gif


Pnq32SU.gif Hellhound Pnq32SU.gif
Pnq32SU.gif 20 / she/her Pnq32SU.gif
Pnq32SU.gif Straight outta kawaii hell Pnq32SU.gif


KcOStVm.pngKirameku is a special breed of hellhound from a special place in hell. This special place in hell is made to torment people who have a low tolerance for happiness, sparkles and bright colors. Kira is part of a wide variety of colorful, sparkly demons that are native to this hell, from hellhounds and other demonic furries like her to candy-colored imps to furries more akin to plushes than animals.

KcOStVm.pngThose who get sent to this happy hell are met with one of two fates; they can suffer its merry torment for eternity, or eventually, they can succumb to its influence and eventually become one in the cast of demons that they are plagued by. Happy hell has many regions, each very different, and each very colorful and full of light and glitter; For those who enjoy such things, this is one of the few parts of hell that not only allows, but welcomes visitors from the world of the living coming to sightsee and explore. There is little darkness, even at night, when the glitter turns into glow and the huge gleaming moon casts its gentle beams of light down on its residents and tormentees.



w0LCvKc.gif Likes
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Clear nights
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Translucent, colorful objects
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Exploring the clouds
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Stars
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Glowing things
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Sweets
KcOStVm.pngZM4mpeP.gif Attention

SjJVjak.gif Dislikes
KcOStVm.pngIgSia3g.gif Leaving hell or Quetzal Palace
KcOStVm.pngIgSia3g.gif Others watching her draw
KcOStVm.pngIgSia3g.gif Others finding her cloud hideouts
KcOStVm.pngIgSia3g.gif Chipped nail polish
KcOStVm.pngIgSia3g.gif Others harassing her friends

NiT3V6P.gif Abilities
KcOStVm.pngJUnPuPe.gif Flight - She can fly better in hell, but can still fly for short distances in the world of the living
KcOStVm.pngJUnPuPe.gif Familiar summon - She can summon a foxlike spirit familiar that can cast duplicates of itself
KcOStVm.pngJUnPuPe.gif Demon sense - She's attuned to signals from hell and can detect people who need to be taken, other demons and people who have bound demons to them against their will
KcOStVm.pngJUnPuPe.gif Cloud walking (shareable)

KcOStVm.png Kirameku, being native to one of the truly happiest places that exist, is almost always incredibly happy herself. She never fakes being happy, despite how others may think so. She likes talking to people and is very kind and helpful, but she also has a huge ego and refuses to be overshadowed by anyone cuter or more energetic than her. As happy and cheery as she is, She demands total attention and isn't shy about taking down the competition... Everyone wants to be on top, and she's about as merciful as her wings are opaque. (That's not very.)

KcOStVm.png Kirameku spends most of her time living in hell. She lives in a small region called the cloud islands, which is exactly as it sounds - It's islands floating in a sea of clouds, although the clouds themselves form a region all their own with its own flora and fauna. Kirameku lives in a treehouse on one of these islands, and explores the clouds in her free time. She loves having guests, and often brings her friends from the world of the living to visit.

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    • Wow her paintie is too cute!? Also kawaii hell sounds like my paradise tbh

    • thank you very much!! I like your css

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