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Villager: Siren

Villager Info

ID: #172196

Name: Siren

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 5 years, 4 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: SplashStar

Species: Bear

Color: Asian Black


House: Oceandome House (70/70)

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Hi I'm Siren. Yes. My name is Siren. Trust me, it's WAAAY better than my last name. I love working with small animals and am happy to train small friends for you! I work hard taming and collecting and I enjoy it, And a home where I could live forever is all I want!


Siren is part of the Wandering Villager Plan by Myfuzzykins

Comments 8

    • Aww thank you! Take good good care of her! I might check in every now and then ;w;

    • @Donut-Draws You'll be happy to know that I am now Siren's forever loving home! She now has a bunch of new brothers and sisters.

    • @Donut-Draws okie! I will let you know!
      Im glad you like their name

    • I'd never be mean to them just for fun, I did put an apology in Max's old description too ^w^

      And I'm still sad to see them both go, I would've loved coding their profiles xD

      I'd love to find out who gets this bab! Love the new name >w<

      Send their new owner good wishes from me when they move!

    • @Donut-draws ok, as long as there is a reason and it wasnt just being mean to the dear

    • Well you see I was playing Minecraft and this at the same time, and I clicked on here to start making myself a new villager, but when I clicked back to my game there was a bat in my face and I got scared and screamed 'oh sh*t boy, it's a bat!', threw my mouse across the room and pegged it downstairs.

      Felt like a good tribute lol

      But someone offered me another AH villager for 40k FC, and since this little guy was the only villager I have which isn't one of my actual characters or cost money to make, I had to let him go ;o;

      I would've kept him if I'd had the cash to buy a new house slot after I bought the other villager, but it was not to be. I thought changing the name would just be boring so here we are with this guy XD

      I also got dared to make a hyena called 'Ur family is dead lol' because the pose seemed fitting. Someone adopted him, renamed him Max and put in the description something about he had a bad past and he's trying to redeem himself? It cracked me up lol

    • @Donut-Draws They will soon havea good forever home, this is just a middle stop where they get ready

      Why were they named what they were?

    • Hello my friendo

      Nice to see someone picked you up.

      I have a whole backstory behind that phrase lol, I'm sad I had to abandon them to make room for a trade.....

      Take care of them plz ;w;

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