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Villager: Poly

Villager Info

ID: #172890

Name: Poly

Gender: Hungry

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Koro-san

Feast Points: 0 (472 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/371)

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Approved: 9 Oct 2016, 12:53 pm

Likes: 141 ♥

Tags: cs smunchkin luckymou

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Poly looks stunning!

Poly's very special treasure!


Poly's Toyhou.se

(seriously though, it will bite your hand off.)

~This little dumpling's inspired by a veggie eggroll, drizzled with hot oil~
Smunchkins are a closed species by LuckyMou !
Poly is a sparkly bean. Poly is also a very naughty bean. Please use it/its when referring to Poly!

It seems as if Poly has left its nest. Who knows what trouble it could get in to?

Poly has taken a liking to some of the food-themed villagers. Please take caution around it, as its lack of eyesight prevents it from telling the difference between food and people.

Poly is a naughty bean. Again, do not feed the bean.

Poly is nibbling people. If you are bitten, make noise to show Poly you are a living thing.

Poly has sampled Kywill's goo. Delicious!

Poly had a quick bite of Parfait. Naughty Smunchkin!

The lovely Pastel has given Poly a chicken!

Poly has licked Sprinklebutt. If this continues I might have to put it on a leash.

Poly has sampled some of Churryda's chocolate sauce. Mmm!

Poly has returned from a very long nap! It is very saucy from a long time without grooming.

Please do not sneak up on the bean! Poly is very blind and may bite you if you touch it without warning.

Galaxy Kritter has given Poly some special icecream! Yum~

Sir Chicken hawk has given Poly some candy. Stop feeding my bean!

Gummy has been tasted... whether they liked it or not :0

Many generous people have been feeding Poly, even though I clearly told them not to...

This marks the end of Poly's log! I don't want its bio to get too large :'3
But feel free to continue interacting!

Comments 74

    • oH mY gOsH iT bAbY

    • The dark scaled dragon stomps over and drops some steak on them. He flicks his tail and gently pat their head, growling and narrowing his yellow eyes.

    • Jamie notices nobody has interacted with Poly in a few months so he decides to feed it some Chips.

    • gives polly all my gluten filled yummys i cant eat and enjoys watching little cute bean get its fill (aka all of it OwO)

    • since im alergec to gluten i put all teh gram chrackers and crunchy sweets in teh cake yummm right

    • gives polly its share of the cake

    • oh no i hv a baker manokit (locks all doors to teh pantery and garden then turns into a living pile of blankets)

    • The Wanderer offers the bean some wood, possibly for it to eat. I should check its diet more regularly, this is concerning.

    • *cleans up food thrown at Poly*

    • Gee, i hope it does not mistake my gems for rock candy!!

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