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Villager: Niyashina



Villager Info

ID: #172933

Name: Niyashina

Gender: Two-Spirit

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 3 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: CasteleCree

Species: Raccoon

Color: Melanistic


House: Tigereye Peak House (83/83)

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Niyashina looks stunning!


Niyashina is an doctor that likes adventures, muffins, rainy days, pretty sunsets and sunrises, and hoodies.
She practically hoardes hoodies. She has like 30 of those things I swear.

Her vocal cords are damaged, so she mostly makes chirping noises or talks extremely quietly; with some difficulty.

Huge nerd

Comments 15

    • you are already my friend, but here is a virtual cookie

      Heinoustuck is the bessst

    • The raptor smiled, "Why thank you, love! You have some beautiful fur yourself." She smiled, holding her clawed hand out for a shake.

    • "YIP YIP YIP! :D" (MMMMMUFFIN YES YES :D) And soon the muffin is gone. He seemed to really enjoy the gift.

    • @SleepyFoxy the small raccoon smiles and chatters quietly, gently taking the muffin offered to her. ((No problem ^v^))

    • ether: *stares at the raccoon for a time with an unreadable face before running off, only to return with a delicious muffin which he offered to her*

      ((( thank you i worked hard on him )))

    • *thrums with delight and gifts the new friend a surprisingly fresh snack cake* !! <3

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