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Villager: Pichi


Villager Info

ID: #186557

Name: Pichi

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Pichi2214

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Night Spotted


House: FurCash House

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Pichi looks stunning!


job-tailor.png job-breeder.pngjob-explorer.png job-warrior.png

Pichi: Hello everyone! I'm Pichi and the one introducing every villager here and giving comments about everything, which makes me kinda omnipresent, without the others even noticing. - I just need to imagine them just floating around ghostly and talking to you. the reader, with them, while talking about every person they see! - Wait who are you and what are you doing here?! - Oh don't mind me, pretend I was never here. - Wha...? ... They faded away! Oh boy...

Anyways I live here in Dragon's Maw Manor and call this town my home now. I came from a town far away from here and it was a difficult choice for me wether to live in Dragon's Maw or Quetzal Palace, but our mayor won me over.

Also since Chester asked for more Wickerbeast and I was fascinated with this species, I drank a morphing potion and now I'm a 7'5" tall or 2.30m to be precise standard wicker. But the potion had a side effect. Or it was mixed with something shady, I have no clue. So, I don't know why, but often when I cuddle someone or something I poof into a small, tiny form. I'm not even a foot tall then!

Anyways, I tried all kind of jobs, but all my friends started to do them out of better reasons, therefore I'm an explorer right now, just to do something and assist them with the items I find. The careers I want to pursue in the future are animal husbandry and tailor.
I'm also more or less skilled in fighting, though I don't really like to.

I'm really bad at smalltalk, so be prepared for awkward sitiuations, if you should ever talk to me without a specific topic in mind,

Doodles by me (excuse the crappy foto quality)

And their gala outfit! They drink cherry juice though, because they hate the taste of alcohol. Also, Pichi mastered holding small things with their claws. If they can hold a needle they can hold a wine glass. ^^

And a skater Pichi. They don't know how to skate though. Also the cap didn't fit on their head, so she put it on their horn.

Comments 35

    • " just looking threw paintie comments and i found you :3 " ~ candy said

    • " a fellow wicker :D " ~ candy giggles a little bit ~ " oh where are y manners! My name is Candy :3" ~ Candy said smiling ~

    • Rascal's tail sways, tongue lolling out of their mouth. "Thanks! I like your colours~" Without warning or asking permission, they lick Pichi's cheek, leaving a trail of glittery saliva. "Have a great day!" They trot off, back to whatevwr it was they were doing.

      ((Ohhai! Thank you very much! Also, apologies for them, they like licking things-))

    • Also, that's why I named L├Ąderlappen that.

    • Oh, I couldn't figure out how to link the villager profile back to my villager, so #173524 is actually Dreamwalker Thank you for reminding me so that I can change that, haha.

    • Peep snuggles into Pichi's paw and lets out a small, short chirp.

      (aa ;w; glad you think so)

    • "Chirp.. Chirp!" Peep thanks Pichi and eats the cracker.

      (Thanks for calling him cute, heh ^^)

    • ;)) i still think you're the fairy

    • you're the only one who came onto Norja's page and read everything >;3c

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