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Villager: Sassy



Villager Info

ID: #18889

Name: Sassy

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: SassyGayMedic

Feast Points: 5158

Genus: Shifty

Species: Dragon

Color: CottonCandy

Costume: Aquatic


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 25 Aug 2018, 2:35 am

Likes: 106 ♥

Tags: pastel dragon fursona witch cotton candy chibi shifty

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Sassy looks stunning!

Sassy's very special treasures!


Gorgeous feral paintie by Snowysaur! | Lovely anthro chibi paintie by LunaEden!

Dragon | Female | Asexual


Likes: Coffee, Animals, Rocks + Shells, Fossils, Plushies, Antiques, Greek Mythology

Dislikes: insects/bugs, sudden loud noises, being dirty (sticky hands, etc)

Hobbies: Rock + Shell collecting, Flower arranging, designing and decorating things, stuffed animal hoarding, playing videogames. Sometimes other crafts like wire sculptures or making things (especially cat toys) out of yarn (not via knitting/crochet/similar means though)


Sassy is rather forgetful and often loses things. She also lacks a sense of direction and can get lost easily.
She prefers to stay around people she's familiar with, as she suffers from severe anxiety and becomes very nervous around strangers. She's usually rather quiet and mild-mannered and tends to avoid confrontation, though she can get a bit excitable when certain topics are brought up and is more outgoing with close friends overall.

She has a sun allergy and tends to avoid going out as often because of it, she uses her tail as an umbrella when she goes outside, as it seems to help.


She loves giant gummy sharks, chocolate rocks and gummy frogs, they're some of her favourite candies, even if she doesn't shovel them in her mouth by the handful like she used to. Man, that wasn't very healthy at all. Banana flavoured candies are also a favourite, when she can actually find a candy store with stock that isn't stale/hard at least...


She has a tendency to hoard things she likes, things found in her collection include Boxes, Rocks/Minerals, Gems, Fossils, Seashells, Mineralized fossils and shells, Stuffed Animals, Animal figurines, candy/decorative tins (though she's picky about them), and the occasional 'junk' items which include (but are not limited to) feathers, foreign coins, and dead circuitboards.

Basically - if she likes it, she puts it in her hoard, even if it's completely and utterly useless. Her favourite thing, however, will always be Opal.



Comments 13

    • What an awesome halloween outfit for an awesome character and design!

    • So pretty! *_*

    • Very gorgeous design and paintie~

    • I love how you always add something to the background.
      Love the colours

    • Cuteness overload!

    • Love the betta >w< I wish I still had one, they're adorable.

    • Adorable color mix and I just love this dragon's look and profile!

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