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Villager: Churrydra

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ID: #207709

Name: Churrydra

Gender: Pangender

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Rotsuoy

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Olde Foxbury House (180/180)

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Approved: 26 Aug 2017, 7:34 pm

Likes: 148 ♥

Tags: monster chocolate food dessert icing pastry hydra rotsuoy snack churros

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Churrydra looks stunning!

Churrydra's very special treasures!


Never underestimate the power of churros.
Paintie by Rotsuoy

Comments 24

    • OMG I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!

    • What a magnificent creature I love him

    • Thanks for voting, sugary friend ^_^

    • *smorch*

    • I might try and eat some soon
      I'm hoping they taste like pretzels from the company Auntie Anne's, those are the best things about earth

    • I thought it was poutine and got excited about someone giving af about Canadian culture. ;w; rip. Tim's churro donuts were better than real churros tbh. But I'm biased, they were basically honey-cruler shaped cherros with caramel. I love everything in that combination of things.

    • *licks* You look very tasty.

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