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Villager: Sabre

Fleshreaper the Fluffy


Villager Info

ID: #215638

Name: Sabre

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Lacerne

Feast Points: 0 (61 All-Time)

Species: Big Cat

Color: White Tiger

Costume: Mythic


House: FurCoin House

Career (View All)

Sabre is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Sabre looks stunning!

Sabre's very special treasures!


DjcyWi5.pngA fierce tiger, with claws out to shred, the primal golden eyes of the beasts, stalking his prey, the wild primal power and strappling frame of the premordial beast flows through him. And all the malicious intent and dark powers of a - Oh wait, is that a butterfly! *nom!*

- Sabre, the local Hunter/pillowrest

-Some gallery music of some of Sabre's favorite jams, for use as inspiration or just something to listen to for fun.

-Sabre is a fan of - Metal, rock, mashups and likes pretending to be intiminating, roaring out into the air and diving out with his claws upon travelers, flashing his silver fangs.

......Unfortunately Lacerne never takes him seriously and is always plotting to play some new pranks upon him!!
( Last attack he made Lacerne pulled out a onion and shiskabobbed it onto his fangs, which took two weeks for the taste to go away! "Yick!" he spat out washing his fangs out over in the stream while Lacerne bawled out laughing in the distance.)

_____________Art gallery!____________

Ref sheet commission by SavvyFur

Gift art from T-G-M

Amazing bust commission done by candyskunks23

Astounding painterly landscape commission from Cottonswablu , took 2 months for the piece but was well worth it!

Credit go to jeaniejean as part of the "draw the villager above you" thread.

Credits go to Cinnabon-bon as part of the "draw the villager above you" thread.

Commission by SavvyFur who was an awesome artist and helped create a ref sheet as well. Go check them out, they're a wonderful artist and i had tons of fun watching them create the art. ^_^

Credit go to Cryssu ? as part of the "draw the villager above you" thread.

Commissioned Headshot from Arlocke

Credit goes to @Nekodrowned

Gremlin Dva styled Sabre??? From Bad art thread. Adorable!

Headshot Commie

Mallows by the Campfire commission by ZombiFlavor

Beware of Drop cats! ZombiFlavor

"This isn't what we meant when we asked for some quality bonding time!" - Commission by ZombiFlavor of a Chimera merge tf of the two Lyncus Twins.

"Day 5: They still have not noticed we are chewing their slippers twice as fast now..." Chimera Sabre commission by EphemeralSys

By Darkstar2016 on Art Fight

Alternate colors! This one is a bit of a mix! Base spliced by Me, originally a white tiger for Lacerne's form (He was going to originally be a uncorrupted lyncus, but then someone mentioned that the skins looked a bit vampiric and it was only natural to finish it!), Then ShortyLynnChaos Colored the base on the left, and then I took their art and color shifted it to make the two alternate colorations on the right. ^_^

Anthro Sabre commission by EphemeralSys

Meme image from the 'Draw the villager above you (poorly)" thread, done by KingScrafty , (picture intentionally drawn so wonderfully)

Anthro sabre commission from @-Kole-

________________Lyncus Lore______________________________
His species is a Lyncus, a custom feline hybrid i created. However, differing from his brother Lacerne, his form is corrupted, taking on the more wild and animalistic features of nature with his slitted eyes, his sharpened fangs and a uncanny smile. No one quite knows what happened to him, and he won't share or tell anyone. But he came back changed from a trip one night in the forest, his teeth growing longer into pointed sabers, a vampiric influence.

Lyncuses are primarily feline in form, taking on the shape of great cats, tigers, snow leopards and the like in their frame. However their defining features are their tufted lynx ears, alongside their sabertooth fangs and spreading wings. They are hybrids, seen as monsters by some as the Lyncus's were created first in a age long lost past. But memories of Lyncuses's flying out, the fierce beasts diving through the sky to hunt out their prey. They would swoop out of the sky, like stripes of fang and fury with sword, fang, and claw often utilizing their flight and agility to work as lone agents. Some chosen to become champions, other prized for their ability to fly through the night sky noiselessly and sweep past through enemy defenses as scouts or the even darker assassins.

After the war ended. it was time to transition. Nowadays modern Lyncuses retain little of their old aggression and they've been created to become more tame being spliced with all sorts of influence. Finding the market for warbeasts gone, the next generation were bred to have their instincts shifted to be more protective, serving as personal bodyguards to princes and to the merchant elite who could afford them to guard their caravans. Initally people were cautious of them, but as the new generation popped up, they started to become semi-domesticated by chance as they began getting accustomed to the humans frequently petting them and wanting to offer them treats. Some tried to stick to their pride, others swallowed, and others opened relished it, but they soon learned to love serving as the guards, guarding out their masters in times of danger, contrasted against taking on the role of a 'pet' to their masters who oftentimes instinctively treated them almost as if just another housecats to pet.

Nowadays, their wings and feline nature makes them naturally very curious and often troublesome as they'll climb up to places they shouldn't be, such as landing on top of your roof or going forth to sneak down the chimney looking for Santa Claus.

Most are inquisitive and friendly, and appreciate a nice pat on the head or a ear scuffling from time to time should you encounter one. Although.. this particular one might just nibble on your neck if you let him get too close, or at least pilfer through all your juicy raw steaks you happen to have to feed upon them. (Which brings up a paradoxial question, is a vampkitty more dangerous than a normal beast if he just suck his prey's blood out instead of chomping them? Hmm.. I suppose that'll be something i'll try to figure out later.)

Comments 18

    • Noooo dont eat my little Prism plz

    • I'm sure tega and him would be great friends

    • Don't take it too personally- If I know I don't have a chance, I flee. Gets me valor points regardless, lmao. I just want to increase the amount of battles I've done. Not to mention my build for my warrior is crap lol. Thank you though! I put a lot of effort into both his CSS and Paintie~

    • tysm!! your oc looks amazing as well!!

    • Tiger with wing
      In Chinese,it mean powerful or get the power.
      Awesome Paintie!

    • I adore this very very much. And thnx for comment on my Riyu

    • *the small demon spider scurried up to you holding a tiny rock guitar. He wants to play a duet with you.*

      Apparently y'all can shred some strings!

      *he hops on your shoulder and gives you a high.....8? 5? Oh well....he tried*

      [Oni-Kumo says thank you for the comment! This is an awesome character and Paintie!]

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