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Villager: Patterns

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ID: #218294

Name: Patterns

Gender: Genderless

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 11 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Uendo

Feast Points: 0 (4 All-Time)

Species: Moth

Color: American Moon


House: Quetzal Palace House (230/230)

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Approved: 26 Jan 2017, 5:28 pm

Likes: 93 ♥

Tags: fluffy stitches doll plush patches magicalderp living doll uendo

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"Call me, call me, baby
Check me on the cheek and all night I’ll wait for your reply
Now listen listen listen here, I can’t wait for you to die
I’d look you in the eyes but they’re closed

You don’t seem to understand
All’s just copacetic

Number after number after cry after cry
I’m a little dizzy but it’s all gonna end
Why, all the ones that I love have hung up the telephone
Time after time after time after time after

Time and time again again I’ll only speak to you
And maybe you should give me back the love I gave to you
I’ve given up on any kind of hope that’s left for me
The wires on the telephone are tangled around me"

Paintie made by Uendo
Fluffy moth base made by magicalderp

Comments 13

    • I love this design!

    • *gasps* precious friend

    • that's such a cute and clever paintie!

      make its career a tailor and it matches perfectly <3

    • Oh my goodness, I love this so much~ Would it be okay if I modelled one of my next panties after this? It is the cutest thing!

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