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Villager: Hallow



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ID: #220856

Name: Hallow

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 11 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Ph0biaphobic

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Skull


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 9 Feb 2017, 8:48 pm

Likes: 128 ♥

Tags: wickerbeast halloween hallows eve halloween wickerbeast

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Hallow, like most wickerbeasts, does not take too kindly to humans or any creature who would pull the trigger on a wickerbeast or other creature unfamiliar to them. However, he has respect for humans and others who choose not to hurt an unfamiliar creature. He can have a short temper and snap at times, but earn his respect and you'll see he can be a very sweet wickerbeast and a great friend to have by your side. And don't be scared just because he's a 10'6" King Wickerbeast. He won't hurt you as long as you don't hurt him.

Has a habit of using terms of endearment.
Can hold his liquor but cant hold his sugar.

Feel free to snuggle the floof as well.

Goes by any pronouns.

Paintie by Physicsmutt
CSS by Lu


Comments 35

    • "Well yes, I am pretty s-sneaky. And you're very strong? You could just protect yourself against others, right?"

    • She paws at her ear a bit, "I don't heal so I need to be c-careful."

    • "Y-yes... a wolf once took a bite out of my ear..."

    • "My, what a magnificent beast I do see before me." He gasps. "Never in my years have I laid eyes upon such a vibrant wicker such as yourself, kind sir."

    • (I love your Paintie and would enjoy roleplaying sometime, once I have painties, myself.)

    • "I can see that, sir." The rat nods, "I'm m-mostly afraid of everyone..."

    • "O-oh! Good... sorry I just worry a lot." She tilts her head, "I-I've never seen a Wickerbeast up close."

    • "U-um yeah. I'm-I'm made of it Hallow S-sir..." She takes her tail into her paws and hugs it close.

    • You are the imposter sir! Lol XD and thank you! I'm actually going to change to black and white, and more Tim Burton-like designs :3

    • HEY THAT'S MY NAME! XD Haha joking, awesome wicker!! ^^

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