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Villager: Winnie



Villager Info

ID: #221560

Name: Winnie

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: skyfox_47

Species: Cat

Color: Black


House: FurCoin House

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Winnie has fallen ill with Coral Madness. Total yield is decreased by 50%. This illness can be cured with Salty Sedative.

Winnie looks stunning!


Winnie is rather short but has an even shorter temper. She grew up an orphan, as her parents were killed in combat. Winnie vowed to make her family proud, running into Lance during one of his expeditions. The two have since fallen for each other, though Winnie won't admit it.
===============================================================================Name: Winnie Junipera | Age: 20
Gender: Female | Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Winnie is extremely stubborn and according to Lance, "It's cute when she gets mad." Winnie has always tried to be self-supporting and hates asking for help.
Partner: None At the Time

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