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Villager: Rosemary



Villager Info

ID: #221593

Name: Rosemary

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 18 days ago

Career: Cook

Owner: Lieicent

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Palomino

Costume: Fairy


House: House has been destroyed.

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Approved: 8 Mar 2017, 12:43 am

Likes: 200 ♥

Tags: pastel green eyes apron unicorn heart eyes buffalo appaloosa oven mitts 29539

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Rosemary no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Rosemary into a FC slot.


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The loveliest aroma wafts to your nose from the nearby hostel. The doors are wide open and a cozy heat wafts out. The scent beckons you inside.

The interior is pristine with long tables resembling more a meal hall than dining room. Thin stairs lead up to balcony area with a few doors that are no doubt bedrooms. There's a dutch angel dragon downstairs with a frilly apron and apron mitts in an open kitchen. She's taking something out of a large brick oven. The heat is much more intense the closer you get to it.

As she turns, she notices you and a smile spreads across the face. Oh welcome, welcome! Please do come in! I don't recognize you, are you a traveler? Well, of course you are, silly me. I would know who you are. I know everyone in the village." She speaks with such vigor and barely takes a breath in between words. "If you're looking for a room, we've always got open rooms. Only 100 FC a night! We don't get many visitors in town, but I do love whenever people come by. Not just for the money mind you, I just adore having people over. Oh, did you want a slice of this pie? Where are my manners...I'm Rosemary, but please call me Rose!"

She's a little overwhelming. Nevertheless, the pie looks delicious and smells even better. "it's my own recipe! Please try some, on the house! It's my claw beets pie. The claw beets are grown right here in our little town." Rose cuts you a slice and from the cut, steam billows upwards. She hands you the plated pie with a fork. It's piping hot but she looks eager to see you try it.

"So, where are you from? What brings you here? Did you come by a Uni? I actually have a stable here too. If you can't afford a room, please feel free to sleep there. I can lend you some bedding and sheets." Despite giving you something to eat, Rose is still attempting to have a conversation with you. You take a bite of the pie. Despite being a beet pie, it's sweet and not bitter at all. There's a hint of maple syrup and nuts are embedded in the filling giving it a crunch. The crust is flaky and falls apart as your teeth touch it. However, it's broiling. It's searing your mouth a little.

"How is it?" Rose asks while handing you a glass of ice water.


Rosemary, Female, Pansexual, Animal Husbandry

The hostel's keeper. She owns the only place in town for room and board. Business is slow and she enjoys every guest that she receives. It's hard for her to actually dislike anyone. However, she talks way too much and many people find her annoying. She loves cooking for other people but hates cooking for herself. The more people to cook for, the happier she becomes. She'll try to feed people even after they're full. With how much free food she gives out, she operates at a loss. Her side business is the stable and taming various local minipets. Her best seller are her tame mimics. She's a sucker for a sob story.

✓ Cooking
✓ Salted Caramel Treasure Trove
✓ Picky Eaters

✗ Drinking Medicine
✗ Complainers
✗ Wasting Food


Comments 26

    • ''What a lovely, lovely lady!'' <3

    • *overwhelmed by the lovely smell of the pie and the pretty and wonderful dutchie Meep blushes and only replied with an embarrassed squeak*-///w////-

    • *is drawn to the smell of food* Ah goodness hello! You're so pretty! ;v;
      If you ever need a taste tester for these wonderful smelling goodies I'd like to think I'm up for the job~

    • Nebula awoke, confused as to where she was. She suddenly remembered she had found a place to stay for the night.

    • Nebula looked at the photo sighing, she remembered when she visited Tigereye Peak, she missed that place. Oceandome was also nice.

    • Nebula smiles, she seems to like Rosemary. Nebula happily pads off to her room, she unpacked her small backpack and took out some cameras. She peered into the screen, looking at a photo of a Polar Burr.

    • Nebula nods, "I will, thank you ma'am!" she has an awkward time spreading the butter with her hooves but somehow manages it.

    • "Thank you! I heard you have rooms to stay in, might I pay you to stay in that one?" Nebula points to a room with her tail!0.

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