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Villager: Miyabi



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ID: #223626

Name: Miyabi

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Imoku

Feast Points: 0 (8 All-Time)

Species: Fox

Color: Marble

Costume: Mythic


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/238)

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Miyabi looks stunning!

Miyabi's very special treasure!


Miyabi is a lover of finery, class and beautiful things, and enjoys collecting all manner of trinkets that strike her fancy, most of which are ostentatious items such as jewellery and artworks. Despite her fondness for these inorganic comforts, she is also exceptionally fond of the outdoors, and enjoys the allure of nature's exquisite creations, from the vast wonders of the starry sky to the beauty and frailty of the precious flower. In truth, her sincere sentiment lies with anything that she finds to be beautiful; Miyabi is a hedonist of pulchritude. Surrounded in all this grandeur, others would often assume this kitsune is pretentious, and to be perfectly candid: she is. Although she may participate in impassive conversation from time to time, she prefers the peaceful company of mother nature above anything else. Typical of any kitsune, Miyabi also possesses a mischievous streak and derives pleasure from the deception and delusion of others. Most of the time these tricks are harmless, unless the victim is a genuine foe. In this case, beware, as Miyabi can be as malicious and vengeful as the next kitsune.
Appearance: Her pelt is predominantly brilliant white, with patterns of sparkling emerald reminiscent of how the Japanese would conventionally represent clouds or mist within their traditional art-prints. The jade hue grows lighter toward her undercarriage, a dark teal upon her fringed mane, ears and brows, where the markings arc down her cheeks, elegantly framing her delicate vulpine muzzle. She possesses but one tail, albeit an impressively large one, that sports the same galaxy of malachite markings. Finally, there are her remarkable golden eyes, that sparkle with mischief and intrigue. In anthropomorphic form, she has dark shoulder-length hair, and is either nude or swathed in an elegant kimono.

Abilities: She is able to dissipate into emerald sparkling mist at will. This can only be done for short periods of time as it drains her energy. She can also summon 'foxfire' which takes the appearance of pale yellow will-o-wisps that captivate and lure. She can also shapeshift between feral and anthropomorphic forms.

Hobbies: When not simply admiring the beauty of nature or her own possessions, Miyabi enjoys tending to her grounds and roji garden and taking tea with friends in her chashitsu (tea room) dubbed Tōkai-tei. She also has interest in chabana and more formal ikebana (flower-arranging). Another favourite pastime of hers is sparring; when engaged in combat her methods are always based around evasion, as she is wise to the fact that she is neither large nor strong, but swift and cunning. She will attempt to confuse the opposition with her foxfire, dissipation ability and illusory magic, attacking with her teeth in feral form or her magic-imbued Naginata Moonwarden in anthro form whenever she spots an opening and dodging away in a strategic manner; it is often a battle of wits when faced with a larger and stronger foe.
Likes: Beautiful things, sunshine, teahouses, ukiyo-e art, sparring, ikebana, sakura
(she often wears the blossoms in her hair/fur), nature, the colour purple, Moonwarden, koto, biwa and shamisen music, intellect, trickery, winning
at anything, stars, the endless night sky.

Dislikes: Fire, hostility, uncleanliness, losing, stupidity, ignorance, ugly or garish things.

Seishi - a tall and handsome kitsune spirit that Miyabi admires from afar. uwu ♡

Vinvin - a stylish doe that shares Miyabi's love of tea, fashion and gardening. Miyabi enjoys visiting teahouses with her and her lovely girlfriend, Berry.

Hana - a sweet lolita dutch angel dragon that is a frequent visitor to Miyabi's roji garden and chashitsu.

Miya's Toyhou.se!
Paintie by Infernette
Headshot by SpacePanther
Moonwarden design by @magnolia

Moonwarden: Miyabi's beautiful Naginata, embued with her magic. Click the image for more details.

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    • "Thank you very much! I grew these flowers by myself, they will wilt in fall, but I believe it was worht it. Your style is gorgeous, I must say, I love how you styled your hair. Thank you again for your nice comments."

      (Ab-so-lu-tley. She'll LOVE to go to teahouses. She doesn't know much about Japanese culture, so I hope Miya can excuse her initial clumsiness when talking about itand stuff. She may invitre Berry sometimes, be aware.)

    • "But of course we can be buddies, Miyabi-chan~!" Seishi replied cheerfully, the teal light in the eye sockets of his skull changing to be less iris and pupil-shaped and more along the lines of cheerful-looking arches, vaguely reminiscent of an emoji. "I would be silly to turn away the friendship of such a pretty little thing~"
      (Oh no I did the RP thing. Congrats, you took Seishi's RP virginity. XD)

    • M-M-Miyabi-senpai! o3o

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