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Villager: Smaug



Villager Info

ID: #230581

Name: Smaug

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 10 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: slobber90592

Species: Gecko

Color: Leopard


House: FurCash House

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She's based on my own gecko, named Smaug.


Smaug is a particularly sweet gecko, contrary to her menacing name. Despite being named after one of the fiercest dragons to have existed in literature, she's never bitten or hissed at anyone(and much less breathed any fire). She likes to play and mind her own business. She does like to lick fingers and hands for some reason, though.


Everything above is true.



This was taken the summer of '17.


I respond in-character! If you speak to her, she'll respond.

Comments 2

    • "Oh! Most humble greetings." *Sharp tinny thud* MyLoe stops sharply upon an adorable sight!
      "I am the reliable MyLoe," bows closer. *tink*
      "Smaug, what joy it must be to taste human flesh and roam along the soft cushions as a sweet dragon... er uh, gecko deserves."
      *Clinckity footsteps*

    • YAY GECKOS! My sister's friends (who are partners) have a leopard gecko who looks like they hate everything, both good and bad, in life. Of course it seems like most geckos do... My active villager (Merida as you can see) is based of my RL BP of the same name. (The name comes from the movie "Brave" of course!)

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