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Villager: Arkka

Villager Info

ID: #232470

Name: Arkka

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Mindscape

Genus: Shifty

Species: Edeia

Color: Fusion


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/250)

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Arkka looks stunning!


Edeia Fusion | Male | Benevolent | Reincarnation + Mortality


A benevolent entity resulting from the voluntary fusion of Bastiel and Mor, Arkka is a harmonious combination of the two Edeia and bears traits from both of his components. He is taller than either of the two individual Edeia, standing at 13'9" in height, and while he maintains some of Bast's intimidating aura on the exterior, he encompasses both of their personalities on the interior.

He has a very high level of charisma, intelligence, and kindness, but he lacks confidence at times and he's not the most courageous Edeia. He is generally soft-spoken like Mor, but he has an occasional adventurous and fun-loving side that comes out thanks to Bast's influence as well, though this side usually only shows itself when he's alone. Though he gains more power from the fused state, he still takes the passive approach of his components and refrains from getting involved in fights and arguments. If he does happen to get involved, he takes a neutral stance and rationalizes between both parties. That said, he isn't without a temper of his own, and under very dire circumstances he can lash out.

Being a fusion, he has the combined Ideas and powers of both of his components, but unlike them, he can't use both sets of powers as frequently as they do, or he risks destabilization. A fusion is easier to maintain when both parties are willing, as Bast and Mor are, but it still takes energy to maintain a fusion for extended periods of time even without using abilities. As such, Arkka tends to be more selective with the use of his abilities, picking and choosing who he will save from death or reincarnate into a new life, but he does still try to help as many souls as he can whenever possible.

Just like all other elements of his existence, Arkka's Abstraction also encompasses elements from both of his components' Abstractions. Unlike other Edeia that Arkka knows, he doesn't often retreat into his Abstraction unless he's on the verge of destabilization. Instead, he prefers to be out wandering around. When he does need a break, though, he can be found resting by the lake watching the fireflies or meditating on one of the stone pillars out in the ocean of his Abstraction.

He is friends with another Edeia named Quell, a fusion of two Edeia that Bastiel and Mor know, as well as other Edeia that he has met in passing. Arkka's existence, to some, is just seen as a combination of powers meant to make the two Edeia stronger, but to his individual components, the meaning for Arkka's existence goes much deeper. Nothing has been outwardly stated by either of them, but their friends suspect that Bast and Mor are intending to work towards a state of near-permanent fusion as a symbol of their relationship.

Profile artwork and Paintie by Auspice
Edeia are a closed species created by Auspice, you may not make your own without permission.

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