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Villager: Philanthrocepticoricus


Villager Info

ID: #233860

Name: Philanthrocepticoricus

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 26 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: OneSmartChicken

Species: Velociraptor

Color: Jungle


House: FurCash House

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Philanthrocepticoricus's very special treasure!


Phil. Don't call her by her full name. You cannot pronounce it.


Is very science. Cares a lot about science. Occasionally notices her favorite people (Genna and Toby mostly) but usually just science .


Occasionally comments on other villagers' profiles in-character. At least 78% words.

Likes a lot of vibrant eyeshadow, and not much else. Pronounced dimples. Rocks an innocent punk hipster vibe with an islander flair. Has some traditional Hawaiian "training," including dance and lei making. Loves tropical fruits and leis.

Comments 9

    • Thank you again for the scissors btw!


    • [Grent jumps up and down in joy]

      Oh thank you, thank you so much!

      [He carefully brings the tiny scissors to his head, and cuts off the flower and a bit of his "hair"]


      If you put this on top of a bit of soil and water it once a day, you can take out the flower and it will grow back within a day or two! It goes slower when it's not on my, of course. But I think you can speed up the process with a little bit of sugar? I haven't tested that properly myself yet.

      Just be sure to PULL it out and not CUT it! If the flower it completely removed, my hair will regrow it.
      But if the small roots are kept in there, there's a chance my hair will grow over it, causing it to rot.
      So you have to be super careful with that!

    • I-I have an idea!

      Do you have any scissors laying around here?
      Like.. Preferably very small ones, I'm not that big as you can see..

    • if.. If you say so [wipes away tears]

      Hey do you want to see something cool?
      [Grent carefully pulls out the flower that is only one inch big, followed with a tiny "ouch"]

      [he makes some focus-noises and BAM, the flower sprouts back in a split second]

      I can do this!

    • [lets out a tiny scream] I'M SCARED FOR MY LIFE

    • [Grent, sobbing profusely] Ph-phil.... *hick* George is being mean to me...

    • Quietly admiring my favorite pair of colors, on a 'feathered' beauty! *mumbles - I hope she has eaten.*

    • Maui's head tilted and flicking an imaginary something off of his ear in mild confusion mixed with curiosity. "Um..what would you consider...err...samples?" He said, uncertainty evident in his tone as he sways his tail lazily behind him.

      Ooc; Lol. I tried to pronounce her name, I'm sure I got the ending wrong, but thank you. I couldn't resist buying his cute face after a day or two. xD

    • It's been a pleassssure, have fun with your sssssnake friend ~~

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