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Villager: Mwoga

Villager Info

ID: #238000

Name: Mwoga

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Demyx

Species: Raptor

Color: Bearded Vulture


House: Quetzal Palace House (135/135)

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You decided that after last year, maybe staying away from smoke is a good thing... As you move to continue on your way you trip over some Slabs.

“This is awkward. I'm sorry you had to see me fail so hard.” The gem raptor seems to perk up after a moment and says “I'm sure she was just overwhelmed by being confronted with a gift in front of someone she didn't know. Yeah, that's it. I'll try again some other day.” She puts the gift back inside of the crate and closes the lid with a bit of force. “Thank you for your time,” she says without turning around. “I need to be alone for a bit.”

The knight takes the rucksack slowly from the squire. She seems taken aback at first. “I- It's such a nicely made rucksack. Thank you so much. I won't have to leave behind all of the lovely things I find on our adventures... those things that remind me of you...”
Standing up stiffly, suddenly, the gem raptor seems to blush. “I never knew. That's such a wonderful sentiment. However, you don't need all those things. I'm right here with you, always!”
The two embrace in a warm hug and the gem raptor smiles at you over the knight's shoulder.

The knight takes the scabbard slowly from the squire. She seems taken aback at first. “I- It's a lovely scabbard. Thank you so much. I'll finally be able to replace that broken one I've been carrying for a while now.”
“I'm so glad you find it fitting. I was afraid it would be too flashy for your personal tastes.” the raptor says, still bowing her head.
The knight places a paw on the squire's shoulder. “Honestly, it's lovely. I appreciate it.” her stern eyes soften and she smiles sweetly.

The knight excuses herself from the two of you, and the gem raptor waits until she's out of ear shot before puffing into a feathery mess of bliss. “She loved it! She loved it! I can't believe it worked! Thank you so much for your help! It means the world to me!” She thanks you about six more times as she scrambles to find something. “I hope this expresses to you how much I appreciate your help!”

You should have stopped for noodles... you stomach feels like it's falling at this point, and the crowds are starting to make you irritable. Maybe you should call this off for another day.

The aroma of the noodle stand is overwhelming. You were hungrier than you thought! As soon as you take a seat at the stand, a small sheep with thick, fluffy wool serves you a steaming bowl of noodles. What a delicious treat! Soon you forget all about the leodon and his ring.

It's someone's rotten old boot. Gross. This is probably not where you should have looked.

You feel something swim through the water as you dig around in the drain. Recoiling in disgust you lose your grip on the curb and tumble down into the murkiness below. Soaking wet and smelling like a bog you leave quickly and make your way home in shame.

“It's not very practical, I know, but I thought it would be a nice way to treat her to something as beautiful as her.” She takes the necklace from the crate and thanks you.
At that moment a knight rounds the corner of the manor to greet them. “What's this here? A traveler?” The knight coos gently. Her eyes are stern but she seems friendly enough.
“Ah, yes, I was just asking for help in something.” the gem raptor replies. “You see, I wanted to give you this gift.” She bows her head deeply and offers the necklace to the knight.

A smile grows across the knights face and her eyes squint a bit. It's a pretty drastic change in expression. “Oh my sweet squire! I never would have thought you'd give me such a lovely gift. I appreciate it so much, and most of all, I appreciate you!” The knight squeezes the gem raptor tightly in snuggly embrace. The raptor is beaming at you and giving a little 'thumbs up' behind the knight's back.
“I'm so glad you like it,” the squire says, “I was afraid it would be too flashy for you.”
“Oh no, my dear,” the knight coos, “I don't like it. I love it.”

The knight tilts her head a bit. “I'm not sure what to say about this. Perhaps you should keep it. I'm not one for gifts.” She slowly walks away and the squire looks a bit defeated.


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