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Villager: Roxanne

Villager Info

ID: #238896

Name: Roxanne

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 3 years, 11 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Ragzoti

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/195)

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By ADoggoInASweater as a birthday present from my sister :3

Roxanne is my finsona and I <3 her muches! Her hair is blonde but looks white because of how long she's in the sun. I'll probably comment in character so feel free to ask away ;)

Roxanne loves to hangout and loiter at the beach. Anything form making sandcastles, wading, tide-pool watching to surfing she'll indulge in gladly. A goat named Kid is 'mentored' by Roxanne, he's only 8 and she's taught him all about the tides, life, the beach, and the occult. The last one is more Kid's area of expertise though. Gatorskater tumblr_ooxmqzMivx1vzuhdfo4_540.jpg Starchaser
From "draw the villager above you poorly"
dowryyytos shork_by_w3avile-dba8ey1.png
Art by me <3

Surfs up, waddup Kai (Cakooie )

Comments 42

    • "Hi there! My name is Starbug" He said with his voice, friendly and cheerful. "Do you want some fish? I caught them myself earlier today and I won't mind sharing if you do!" He paused to catch his breath then resumed talking "Any chance you like watermelon or baked goodies like cookies and cupcakes? I often have plenty of food in my backpack, all sorts of kinds since my friend, Avia is a cook and she loves to bake as well as cook, of course!"

    • "Mcdonalds? Never heard of her. I'll try it, see how it goes."

    • "Then... What would be the point in consuming this? I don't understand."

    • Love this paintie by the way.
      She's adorable~

    • Oh. He's actually a Scene Dog. I just put the wrong thing down when filling it out.
      But thank you though~

    • Thank you so much i pride my self on fluffy and badasserie and i think you are very cool your skin looks shiny and healthy

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