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Villager: Noto



Villager Info

ID: #261013

Name: Noto

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 3 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Rotsuoy

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Blue Roan

Costume: Galaxy


House: Oceandome House (71/71)

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Noto's very special treasure!



Art and paintie by me/ Rotsuoy

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    • OOC: Last time I was OOC this must change.

      “Hmmmm,” Grape Fizz wonders walking around the strange. “Where are you from?,” Grape Fizz questions. “Do you know of the great and powerful Grape Fizz?” his eyes narrow in suspicions before he drops to all for and waggles around before standing up again and staring at Noto once more. He smiles and it gave many people chills. “We are friends with everyone so you are our friend thus we will forgive you for not knowing of the greatness of Grape Fizz,” after his acknowledgement his face went blank and after a second he shook his head and gave Noto a genuine cute smile and ran at Noto only to go completely past him trip and roll into a thing of flowers after pulling his head out and being covered in flowers he continued to have a cute blank face his personality completely switched though he still had his giant paws and claws appeared completely harmless.

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