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Villager: WickerBoingo



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ID: #28602

Name: WickerBoingo

Location: Oceandome

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Jacq

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Pink


House: House has been destroyed.

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WickerBoingo no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move WickerBoingo into a FC slot.


The Saga Of WickerBoingo
All quotes in bold are paraphrased from what I was told, They are NOT direct quotes of correspondence.

TLDR: This is enough to get a paintie stripped:

1. The original:

2. The rejection:
(I'm not sure I can post this or if it counts as mod correspondence. It said 1. copyright, and 2. Too human)

To get some really basic stuff out of the way:
A, You can't copyright a real life person. (Though, incidentally, Giorgio Tsukoulos has given explicit and tacit approval for the use of his image.(Here's one of many examples).
B. This isn't a parody, it's a pastiche. Though it was approved and then stripped before the rules changed, so that doesn't really matter.

Even though he didn't break the rules, I wanted to change whatever I had to to get WickerB though. And boy did they make me jump through hoops.

3. The back and forth...
"You can't have both the hair and the suit together"

me: So if he's not wearing a suit? What about a tuxedo? Or one of those t shirts with a suit print? and jeans?

"that might be okay if it hasnt been on the show"

4. Too human...?
"the face is too humanoid but an animal muzzle would help"

5. Revision!! And Feedback :<
"that's not a tux"
"change it to a tux, make the tie a bow tie and its not a suit anymore"


6.Rejection.... because of the nose.
"its just a dark nose on a human you have to make the face not human"
ZA4Zs38.png VSuoNy3.png
"you should make it more cartoony, like Goofy, so it sticks out and is more cartoony"
Me: But this is the original wickerbeast nose
"The whole face is still bad. cheeks, eyes. eyebrows. chin, skin color"
Me: That's not what I was told before

7. There was a long, polite conversation here. It's not really worth pasting. :)

"OK we talked about it and you need to fix the chin or add fluffy cheeks. I think for sure it will pass then."

9. Yes! This time, I sent two options of "Cheek fluff"
mefoTKW.png 8c6ALDS.png
"It just.. Looks like beard stubble more than fluff "

10. Okay.....

"yeah! :)"

11. I upload and it's approved. Hoooray!!!!

That was about two weeks ago. He had over 100 likes, and even some fanart:

12. Today, Aug 10th, WickerB was stripped, without giving me a chance to screenshot his number of likes, any options to alter him, or any FD refund. I'm aware I can probably email to get him replaced but I don't know what to do - I already altered him 7 times to be compliant and now he was stripped after the fact without any feedback as to how to fix him.

Since he has an exact wickerbeast nose, and I added the fluff as per request, that means that this paintie was stripped, after over two weeks, literally for these lines only:
I'm so sad :(

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    • They stripped it after seven whole redraws? That's just unreasonable. I think that the paintie design is still really cool though! +1 Like

    • The last edit literally makes his face look like a minotaur. If they stripped the paintie due to humanoid elements, it's feature contents are literally no different than shifties I've seen with anime style faces and only a small triangle nose added to indicate it's an anthropomorphized animal.

    • Whaaaaat omg he got stripped???? That's...really crappy, to put it nicely.

    • furvilla is over now that WickerBoingo is gone tbh

    • (Rip. Makes me nervous that my pantie for Toad won't get approved/will be taken down because of his face. :c )

    • I honestly had no idea what to expect when I clicked on this guy omg
      10/10 best paintie

    • only aliens can have created this dankes mem- i mean paintie

      i love it

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