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Villager: Lunarwolf_MoonPhaser

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ID: #28763

Name: Lunarwolf_MoonPhaser

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: LunarwolfMoonPhaser

Feast Points: 0 (9792 All-Time)

Species: Canine

Color: Beast

Costume: Beast


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 23 Jun 2021, 5:12 pm

Likes: 8 ♥

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Lunarwolf_MoonPhaser is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Lunarwolf_MoonPhaser looks stunning!

Lunarwolf_MoonPhaser's very special treasures!


500 years ago... in a galaxy we'd only b'gun ta imagine what the fruits of 'The Furriveerssse-- eerse--- ersse...' would bear fruit of... The Triplemoon Lunargoddess sent forth an avatar, ..

Unfortunately... her avatar, it's pure essence inta the blazin' meteroite the moon tossed to be her messager crashed nearby in the woods to the apartment complex of a young nerd, He went out to investigate...

Arriving at the sight... he gazed upon the eerily brightened furrows of even the surrounding contrails of the impact site occured.

Enraptured at the unearthly site, the gawky young artist leans in haphazardly closer only to be rocked violently backwards by the impact of an eruption of super-heated lunar lava. Eternally marking and bonding upon contact with his forehead and branding him with his goddess' gifts.

But as with all gifts, the end-resulting being that emerged forth from this alien contact... as crazy as it all sounds... was sent here with the sole purpose... ta make other critters groan an laugh about the craziness of how some'a the things y'all do an say 'round'im are as crazy to him as how he seems to you! LOL


Make no mistake, Although Lunarwolf's social demeanor is as often times as unpredictible as his change-able nature, he is still an avatar of a goddess and because he has such a love/hate relationship in his worship of her his abilities and their effects tend to be as wildly randomized and crazy as he himself!

Firstly, Lunarwolf possesses all the attributes inherent of all werewolves. Shapeshifting from human to feral wolf to the anthro hybrid were form. However, as his origins are also half-stemmed from the moon and it's lunar attributes he gains aditional strengths and weaknesses. For example, on the moon he posseses the normal weight/strength to suit that enviroment but on earth his strength, mass and invunerability are highly increased.

Lunarwolf's shape-shifting abilities are broadened to include various other species, either in anthro or feral form and he gains any inherent abilities of any said species he shape-shifts into ie: fish/underwater breathing, birds/flying.

Lunarwolf also possesses (current limits unknown) degrees of control over both light and darkness and is capable of using these abilities to further 'dazzle' opponents with his shape-shifting abilities.

One of the duely-noted drawbacks of his shape-shiftings abilities is that the forms he assumes will always have the tell-tale colorations of whatever his own fur/hair color in during the times of his shifted shape.

But the ability Lunarwolf possesses that makes him a 'wildcard' in group play is that his abilities or rather the effects both he and both allies as well as opponents tend to have chaotic, randomized effects on all targets! This particular ability, The Karmic Chaosspin Attack. is thankfully limited to 1 complete round of all other allies/opponents until Lunarwolf's next turn... and he himself is very cautious of using this ability since such random effects can seriously harm or even 'kill' allies as well as opponents... including himself!

His only 'saving grace' being that as a werewolf avatar to a Goddess... he will eventually be reformed.


Comments 27

    • 2 items that make it easy to farm battlegrounds can be gotten from the tourney shop which would be: Faeli's Cursed Amulet(20000 VP), and Spell Siphon Amulet(15000 VP). The faeli's cursed amulet is for melee builds where each melee strike will heal you while the spell siphon amulet heals you for the spell damage you do to your opponent.

    • Most of the good items you can farm from the battle arenas though finding items will be harder to find since multiple battle arenas were merged into the Legacy Grounds so the mobs that drop the useful items will take harder to find/farm for their drops.

    • The legendary items would be the ones you can craft which the recipes are in the tourney shop: Mace of Infinite, Unicorn Lance, Qurious Blade, Armour of the Divine Kitsune, Barrel Shield, enchanted to be awesome ring, and Ridiculous Ring of Absurdity. So far I have only managed to craft the divine kitsune armor which I still need one more level on my main warrior which takes forever to get -_- With your legacy gear though in your gallery you just need to raise the durability to 1000 times the base durability and then convert them over to get the durability star which surprisingly doesn't need much Snow Festival Bell Fairy to achieve.

    • My setup actually doesn't have any legendary items. I use Poisonous Seaweed,
      Spell Siphon Amulet, Lion Form Ring, Spectral Armour, Spell Book of Earth, Armored Alicorn, Earthen Glaive, Flowering Hammer. Also have seen people who use Qurious Blade and those setups pack a huge punch, I can usually survive maybe 4 rounds if lucky against those builds.

    • I am surprised you aren't going for durability stars with the legacy equipment.

    • >:333 the name implies it but it's a name to live by too heehahhee

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Thank you thank you!

    • That... made me laugh harder than I should have with tea in my mouth!

    • Ta fur yer kind wurds.

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