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Villager: Sightmare

Villager Info

ID: #290689

Name: Sightmare

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 6 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Silverpelt60

Feast Points: 0 (8 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Reflection

Color: Eye-Burning


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Sightmare's very special treasure!



The house is derelict, rundown and with wreaths of mist swirling around it, completely and utterly abandoned by whoever used to own it and take care of it. Of course, that does not mean the structure is entirely devoid of sentient beings. You've heard the rumors, talk of a sort of ghost who resides in the crumbling building. Of a spirit whose only entertainment is the fearful screams of others, and who knows no compassion. They say he hurts for the mere sake of hurting, doing bad things for fun and watching his victims suffer. These are the kinds of things that are said about the creature who supposedly lives in this house. Of course, you're not entirely sure it's all true-although Rain does refuse to talk at all about it, which is suspicious-but either way, you've somehow ended up on the doorstep of this rotting household.

The day is gloomy, as if it was foreshadowing your arrival, and somehow it's colder near the house than it was in the village. Of course, there aren't other houses around to radiate heat, that's the rational thought, but it is still eerie nonetheless... You reach out and try the doorknob, and unsurprisingly, the door is unlocked. With a slight push, the door at first shows resistance, but then pops open with a creak from the hinges and a resounding thud when it bumps against the inside wall, which echoes throughout the household.

The inside appears even worse than the outside. Almost every window has been cracked open or is filled with spiderwebs, and shards of glass lie shining on the floor of wooden boards, where holes are scattered about. The furniture of desks, chairs and drawers is scratched and torn up, covered in dust with some even having white cloths haphazardly thrown over them. As if whoever had done it had wanted to get out of there fast. The air is so full of a combination of dust and mist that it's easy to see in any beam of light, and you find that it's surprisingly hard not to cough. All in all, it seems like the perfect abode for a malevolent spirit to reside.

After making your way through the rooms, careful not to fall through any of the holes in the floor, you spot a staircase leading up to the second floor of the house. You briefly consider leaving, but then again, you can never fully decide if a ghost lives in the house or not without having checked out every room. So, with that, you start up the steps. It's no small feat-the creaking of floorboards follows your every step, with some planks even threatening to give way, and you even have to skip a few steps because already a few steps have been reduced to nothing but web-filled chasms. Finally, after a rather perilous board nearly sends you tumbling down, you arrive at the top of the staircase.

While the bottom floor was more open, the second floor consists of a singular hallway with rooms on both sides. Most of the doors are closed, while only two are open. The one that is open is really nothing much to look at, just a mostly empty room with large scratches through the walls and a few worn toys lying on the carpet. As you continue down the hall, trying each doorknob as you go, you find that most of the doors are locked. The one that was unlocked only swung in about half a foot before something blocked it. Nothing too interesting, really. Looking turning your head, you look at the door at the end of the hall. It's slightly ajar, just begging to be explored.

Upon entering the final room, you feel a chill. It is much colder than all the other rooms you've been in so far. And somehow, despite how everything else in the run-down structure looks, this room looks almost brand new. As if everything in it had been meticulously cleaned and polished-the carpet was free of dust, the windows were clear, the drapes casually but purposefully set to the side while the furniture looked comfortable enough to actually use. Suddenly, that chill you felt just mere moments ago isn't just because of the cold. It's that uneasy feeling where you know someone had to have been here not long ago for this place to be in such a condition, and the unnerving feeling that you're being watched. You look around again-no one in sight. Not even the closet could hide the sinister stare of the unsavory creature you feel might be staring at you in that moment. For some reason, you get the feeling that whatever 'spirit' those back in the village were talking about isn't really a spirit of the dead at all-rather, just a creature that existed primarily on a different physical plane. Meaning that it could do much more than the average evil spirit. Lost in thought, you suddenly feel your eyes drawn to something laying on a dresser in the far corner of the room.

You find that the cleanest thing in the room is actually a handheld mirror.

You walk towards the object, the handle free of any smudges and the mirror polished so that it practically shone. If you looked hard enough, it was like it was the gateway to an alternate dimension. You stand over it, wondering if you should pick it up. Should you pick it up? Somehow, you feel drawn to it, like there's an instinctive urge inside of you telling you to pick up the mirror and just... stare. You repress the urges, but don't walk away. Instead, you look into the reflection. At yourself. The image of you is pristine, capturing every detail, but the area behind you is blurred, foggy, almost as if the mist had drastically increased and was obscuring everything behind you. You turn, and nothing was out of the ordinary. You look back at the mirror, and watch as the ceiling behind you becomes ever the more distorted, and soon is seems like it's swirling around. Out of the corner of your eye you can see that is not true, everything is normal, but for some indescribable reason you can not tear your eyes away from the reflective surface of the mirror. Then, something forms behind you. It starts with blurry colors of neon blue and dark purple in a messy blob, but then begin to take shape. As the ceiling behind you returns to normal, the colors become more detailed and refined. Soon you see ears and fur, bright pink stitches woven with such precision into the skin and fur that they must have been done by some sort of expert. A toothy smile with teeth sharpened to a point, and those wide eyes that bore into yours with such a malevolent stare. And then it speaks, and his voice is filled with a horrid, sinister glee.

"Oh, it's been so long since I've had a visitor here! You have no idea how hard it is to lure someone out here when their pretty little heads have already been filled with horridly misinterpreted tales of my misdeeds-sure I did those things they said I did, but for a different reason!-but I guess that doesn't apply to you! Now, are you going to pick up that mirror, or is the floor directly beneath you somehow mysteriously going to collapse and leave you a bloody mess on the floor below, hmm?"


Bio coming soon!
Village Relationships: Rain,

His Toyhou.se!
Reflection species and original art by EphemeralSys !
Paintie by 0okamiseishin !

Comments 28

    • Delphia shook her head, already fed up with the snarky cyan... whatever it was. From one angle it resembled a cat, from others a dog, and from her current perspective it was almost fox-like. Even the wings seemed to shift from avian to angelic, depending on the lighting. But what really threw her off was the fuchsia stitching that decorated the various joints and limbs. Wondering briefly if the creature had, in fact, stitched itself back together, she opened her mouth to speak - but whatever was on her mind was silenced by the wind howling outside. Instead, she shifted slightly, keeping balance as the house swayed and bowed with the gale. As the wind died down, she tried again:

      "You have a valid point, being that this place is indeed your residence. But as much as I'd like to leave, I'm not going anywhere while there's a storm brewing out there. And besides, I have a feeling that you're not going to let me leave just yet - correct?"

    • Delphia turned and, without the slightest hesitation, locked eyes with Sightmare's empty silver ones. "And why, pray tell, would I want to do that? I have more important things to do than appease a narcissistic spectre." She shifted her weight from foot to foot, her fluffy tail swishing impatiently. "Furthermore, I fully intend to leave here in one piece - so would you kindly make like a fly and buzz off!"

    • Patty slobbers all over the mirror because he loves you!!

      Then he vanishes. Mysterious!

      (I really like the bio and paintie! v spooky)

    • Fire stepped back, wrapping her tail around her body. She looked at the mirror, then stepped to the side, hoping it was selective and that only that small bit would go away.
      "Oooohhhh no, no no no, I'm not dealing with this."
      She growled, but the fear was obvious.
      "Don't get any closer! I'll... I've got claws! Very big, very scary claws!"
      She tapped her toe-claws against the hollow wood floor. Her feathers ruffled.

    • We all love a detailed sister uwu. I love Sightmare's pink stitches, pink is fantastic aa.

    • "Oh, I can change my voice to match too~! Buuut, that's just a bit too strange to pull on new people. I might scare them off! Wait. I want to scare them off! Oh no, I ruined it!" Xertox let out a loud sigh and the charm changed to what looked like a cloud with three dots in it. It seemed to represent thinking. He then formed legs and stood on the ground instead of floating, but his tail still retained a wisp like appearance.

      "Me, interesting? Oh no, I'm pretty bland. Like an unsalted French fry...Repulsive. But you, you look like...Like...Well, I don't know what the hell you look like! A reject angel? Kicked out for being too bright? Do you even need those wings? I don't need mine, they just look cool! I-" Upon seeing Sightmare point to the marking and hearing the question, Xertok let out an over-exaggerated gasp and his charm became a blushing face as he covered the marking with his arms and wrapped his translucent flowing wings around himself. "You can't just look at a girls chest without asking, gosh!" His voice sounded feminine now, changing from his previously male sounding voice. "You're a pervert!" Xertox exclaimed in an almost annoying pitch before he vanished. However, he then reappeared behind Sightmare and his voice changed yet again, now sounding very deep and intimidating. He placed a hand on Sightmare's shoulder to get his attention. "Hey man, stop harassing people or I'm kicking you out of the club!" Xertok's charm looked like a red anger symbol now. This sure was an odd way to avoid a question.

    • "You and I both know that's never going to happen."

    • "You better not. Touch even a hair on any of them, and I think you'll find my cooperation with this game to be quite scarce. Remember what happened the last time you hurt one of my villagers? Yeah, it didn't turn out so well for you, did it? Even still I don't think you'll find the outcome of our next extended interaction to be quite in your favor, but I guess we'll just have to see, won't we?"

    • "You know it's quite cowardly to be in that ghost form of yours whenever you come to tell me your setting up another one of those 'games' of yours, right? I find it quite unfair. Why don't you talk to me in your physical form instead and see what happens? Oh, and call me 'your Rainy Day' again and I'll make you eat that mirror, and then my scythe. And it won't be quick."

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