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Villager: Truffles


Villager Info

ID: #292032

Name: Truffles

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: InfernalFelidae

Feast Points: 0 (696 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Swine

Color: Mushroom

Costume: Fairy


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/600)

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Approved: 10 Aug 2018, 5:47 pm

Likes: 47 ♥

Tags: orange brown mushroom autumn boar earth pig wood baby swine truffle shroom mana truffles spores

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Truffles looks stunning!

Truffles's very special treasures!


Comments 6

    • I forgot to mention I was planning on getting it on FV/with FV currency! But I will definitely keep an eye out and let you know if I find anyone who I think would be a good fit :D

    • Aaaah awesome! I'll keep an eye out <3 do you have a budget/price range? (also as a note since it'll be 2 of my characters and 1 of yours I plan on paying 2/3 of it!)

    • I didn't have any artist in mind since I only had the idea after seeing a forum post by you haha. But I personally imagined my 2 shrooms riding on Truffles' back or neck or something. I'm really flexible though :D

    • I love Truffles so much. I don't know if you tend to get commissions done but some day I would love if we could maybe someday both chip in for a commission of Truffles with my mushroom friends Inquelle and Lumiaire http://www.furvilla.com/villager/304850 (or if you don't have much currency/whatever I could try to find it myself X3)

    • That is a very good observation!!! ;)

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