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Villager: Nellie



Villager Info

ID: #296327

Name: Nellie

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 2 years, 11 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Oregoncoast

Species: Dragon

Color: Green

Costume: Aquatic


House: Quetzal Palace House (250/250)

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Approved: 17 Apr 2020, 10:45 am

Likes: 25 ♥

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Nellie looks stunning!

Nellie's very special treasures!


Nellie... my name is NeLLie Bly. Of course you were looking for Nessie, my far more famous cousin! We both live in Loch Ness. I'm more of an explorer type of gal, so I tend to be out and about doin' stuff. Ness is... well, she does love the limelight does our Nessie Bessie. Ha!

That's enough chit chat... caves to explore on the farther side of the Loch. See ya!

Born 8 - 18 - 18

Isn't she pretty?! Her purple paintie was created by the talented ChaiTheFox c=

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