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Villager: Srs



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ID: #302879

Name: Srs

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 3 years, 8 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: requiesticat

Feast Points: 0 (191 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Winged/Horned Deity

Color: Bright variant


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 6 Feb 2019, 9:01 pm

Likes: 11 ♥

Tags: deity srs winged deity requiesticat fantasy species

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Srs looks stunning!

Srs's very special treasures!


Reference: https://www.deviantart.com/requiesticat/art/Srs-sona-double-reference-771990743
Toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/3506301.srs

Name: Sirius Takeran
Nickname: Srs, Adrian O'Brien
Gender: Trans boy - he/him pronouns
Species: Winged/horned deity

Srs is stoical and aloof. He identifies as male to get away from his past female self, ashamed of the person he used to be. Works as a starving artist, and somehow makes enough money to live on his own.

He lives in a cottage surrounded by acres of woods with a roommate, Medula. Currently, they're dating. Quotes is their neighbor, and he visits them often.

Though Srs used to wander the earth, he really hails from the skies given that his species originate from a heavenly realm. Adrian O'Brien is a false name, with Sirius Prose Takeran being the true title he was given at birth.

As a demigod, Srs has celtic heritage. In human form, that translates to him being irish, hence the surname "O'Brien". Speaks with no accent, if you don't count that the default language winged/horned deities speak is literally just a bastardized version of "lorem ipsum" (I kid you not).

Like the majority of his kind, Srs is trained in combat and has years of experience. He is an experienced tactician and trying to rob him or even challenging him to battle is not wise. Srs uses an electrified trident as a weapon, along with his tail orb, which changes colors and patterns depending on his mood. He can also assume a human form which is shown in his reference.


To summon Srs, you must perform this ritual:


Comments 11

    • "mmhmm. Can do, and it's alright I get it. Feel free to come back if you need anything" *they hum and go back to tuning their guitar*

    • *they nod listening, but not sure how to respond, they then stop and stare into space for a few seconds* "Well...Pestilence already has...a lot of power..they're second to Lucifer. Most powerful of the 7 overlords. It's really quite disappointing as we cannot change who's in what position down here when it comes to the overlords. As this order has been set from the beginning of time. Sadly Pestilence will always have power. Though recently thanks to their husband and daughter they've become more relaxed and have let their citizens enjoy their afterlife more. Hopefully this means they're on the road to improvement. Their fiance..Florian I believe his name is. Is quite a good influence. And as for me being one of your kind. I highly doubt it. Lucifer said something about "true demon" once. But I don't quite remember. But nevertheless I'll keep your words in mind.."

    • "It is I. Your lord. Your god. Srs.

      Siriussss... *breaks into laughter*"

    • "I suppose that's one name for him, though down under we usually just call him by his name or "your majesty" and yeah he does get a lot of flack. He's actually quite the tolerable individual...Pestilence is the real evil one...Maniacal tyrant who wants total control over the citizens under their rule whilst Lucifer is pretty lenient" *shrugs* "never been much for this so-called "politics" thing or whatever.."

    • *they nod* "I see..All I really know about myself is I was...bo-er...created tens of thousands of years ago by..none other than Lucifer...or who I "lovingly" refer to as dad" -v-

    • *They looks up from their guitar* "Why thank you. Im not entirely sure what I am or where I really came from but I appreciate it. You're very..." *they look Srs up and down* "Interesting yourself, sir.."

    • Jamie makes a *Clink* Noise and gives Srs a packet of simply saltines [Sorry for the late response.]

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