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Villager: Manson



Villager Info

ID: #319918

Name: Manson

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 9 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: fogzilla

Feast Points: 0 (36 All-Time)

Species: Canine

Color: Red

Costume: Beast


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/70)

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Manson is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Manson looks stunning!

Manson's very special treasures!



A muscle-brained idiot who flies fist first, Manson is sleazy and cocky as all get out. Chasing skirts, lying, and being an all around asshole may as well be a hobby for him. His alpha wolf personality lends him an intense inferiority complex that drives his constant desires for dominance. But he is just lacking the brains for considering the consequences of his actions, and doesn't actually have hostile intentions.

Visit his toyhou.se!!

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