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Villager: ClaraBell Clown



Villager Info

ID: #320507

Name: ClaraBell Clown

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 3 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: DimkaDimintriFeline

Feast Points: 0 (586 All-Time)

Species: Hyena

Color: Mischievous Clown


House: FurCoin House

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ClaraBell Clown looks stunning!

ClaraBell Clown's very special treasures!


ClaraBell Clown is a very Mischevious Hyena, who lives with a railroad circus act with her brother, ClisbyBean Clown. They get into trouble often, though they create more trouble than they get punished for, because of their Mischievous nature, they are very sneaky siblings. They are both great at pickpocketing, but their Circus Pal Lil Spoops, ClaraSpoop and ClisbySpoop, have learned from the best and will pickpocket whilst the victim is busily distracted by ClisbyBean and ClaraBell.
www.furvilla.com/villager/321547 < ClaraBell's brother, ClisbyBean Clown.


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