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Villager: Shiarji

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ID: #32557

Name: Shiarji

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: CaktusJuice

Species: Cat

Color: Siamese


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 2 Jul 2018, 1:54 am

Likes: 25 ♥

Tags: powderedsugarfrost sticker paintie

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The Thief for Hire

She fiddles with the ring on the center digit of her paw. Her purr is low, and sultry. Her blue eyes gleam and watch you carefully and you feel small in her presence, despite her being shorter and far more delicate seeming than yourself.

You were almost surprised anyone had suggested her to you. But they had ensured you that if you wanted someone with sticky paws and quiet feet then she was your girl.

Nervously straightening your collar you stare at her a moment longer and then breath deep to collect yourself. The twitching of her tail makes you feel nervous and when you do finally open your mouth you end up shutting it again due to the discomfort.

"You have a job for this one, no?"

Her voice is just as honeyed as her purr and you blush at the tone. Such a voice compared to such a subject was very confusing.

"Yes, I'm looking for someone to ...um..." you clear your throat and look around the bar at the other patrons. There's two drunkards far too gone to pay you any mind and the bar maid has just slipped off into the kitchen, but even still you feel like eyes are watching you. "To uh..."

"You like this one should relieve someone of their 'extra baggage'." She hums in amusement.

"Ah, uh. Ye..ess," your voice fluctuates with amusement.

"Yes well, she does not carry luggage for free. State your offer."

Her tail twitches again, but it makes you much less nervous now. You think you understand how to speak this code.

"For every pound carried you leave with one fourth," You suggest.

"Who's baggage?" She inquires. You lean in closer and whisper the name.

The woman whistles as she pulls back.

"Such delicate possessions." She muses. You can agree a task of such scale can't be an easy one. The victim will not be unguarded.

"T'is unfortunate for you but this, it is...quite a heavy bag to carry, you see? And this one is quite the small lady," You can hear the feigning of delicacy in her tone when she says this. "She is afraid she can do it for no less than two thirds."

"Two thirds," you half cry, the bar maid has come out of the kitchen at this time and she's eying you for making such ruckus. You look at her nervously and raise your hand in apology before leaning closer to the cat. "Two thirds," you whisper. "That's preposterous."

"Two thirds," She repeats. "Or you will be finding yourself another thief."

She leans back and waits a moment, watching you gawk at her.

"And she can guarantee that no one will do it as quickly and efficiently as yours truly." She crosses her arms and quirks a brow.

"Yes , yes," you hum in thought. "You've made your point."

You sigh, but what can you do to argue with her.

"Two thirds it is," you conclude.

Shiarji smiles at this and lifts herself from her chair. Dusting her paws she nods.

"Very well then, she will carry these bags for you and report back as soon as she can."

And with that she struts out the door.

You sigh again. At least the task is done. Now there is but to wait. And speaking of waiting you wonder what time it is. You reach for your pocket watch only to find it missing!

When did she...


Comments 4

    • Wow! What an incredibly interesting character! I love your portrayal of her both in writing and in her paintie!

    • "Really? What a shame. You wouldn't believe how profitable it is."

    • "Thief for hire? Ever think about taking up piracy?"

    • Cute character! I like her personality too~

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