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Villager: Spaghetti

My Son, Tiger.


Villager Info

ID: #328672

Name: Spaghetti

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 1 year, 9 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: -Gh0st-

Species: Snake

Color: Albino Ball Python


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/135)

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Spaghetti's very special treasure!


Also known as Noodle or Macaroni.

Personality: Extremely cheerful,wants to help all.
Info: Literally only eats Spaghetti and yellow foods,Tries his best to build with no arms,Sh0rt,Literally Only Shouts to Talk/Talks Loudly
Images to describe him: bubbletea_sakura.gif parfait_verrines_meyerlemon.gif cake_banana2.gifmacaron_big_tilt_lemon.gifpetitfours6.gifdessert_rollcake_lemon.gif
Was a Hooded Rat Once

Will protect his son: 2234-tigers-eye-pet-rock.png

Comments 7

    • Marvie take a look at his house for a moment, "Oh, yes please! It's a very kind of you" He smiled

    • Eternal Flame bursts out of the house and snarled, "Why, thank you! That's very kind!"

    • There is a stressed moment of stasis, lasting all of a second between when Spaghetti stops talking and ܠ. starts to act. Each movement from them is slow, stilted, and too silent for their armored appearance to suggest. First, they start with a questioning(...?) head tilt, eyes locked onto the horizon past Spaghetti. Now, they are raising a paw, up and back towards a sword hilt, which has only just become visible now that ܠ.'s helmet isn't in the way. Their gauntlet claps around the bare grip with a metallic clink.

      ((Nooooo, of all of my villagers you had to pick the scary dangerous edgy one ;_; please be safe sweet noodle))

    • The large Dutch Angel Dragon peeks out of his hut ever so slightly. "Who are you?" He asks in a nervous voice.

    • The small manokit looks down at the snake, smiling softly and leaning down, patting his head "Not at the moment, however ask back later this month and I'll consider it! Cute little toolbelt too! It's really cute to see a snake worker!" She paused, picking him up in her arms "I am a construction worker as well! It's nice to meet you. I go by Aspen!"

    • Thank you for the offer, but I am very poor right now! Besides, we have a construction worker in our village already!! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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