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Villager: Wykin

The Night Beast


Villager Info

ID: #332103

Name: Wykin

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 1 year, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Dream-Treader

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Chibi Skull


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Approved: 15 Apr 2020, 6:08 pm

Likes: 31 ♥

Tags: top hat dark palette bowtie saberfiend

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Wykin looks stunning!

Wykin's very special treasures!


*How did you get lost in the mountains? You've been wandering around out in the snow for what seems like hours, and it's getting too cold...

Oh! Look, there's a cave up ahead, you can see soft purple-ish light glowing from inside!

You rush towards the cave, hoping whoever was in there would let you shelter from the weather for a little while.

As you peer in the cave, you see it serves as a small home. Inside, a wickerbeast sits at a desk. You can't really tell what she's doing, so you knock polietly on the dark wooden door.

She jumps up and answers.*

Gracious! Why in the world are you about in such weather?? Come in, come in!

Who am- HA! You've got jokes, m'dear!

I am Wykin, the Sleepwalker, of course! Didn't you ever hear the legends? No? Oh... That's alright, I suppose. After all, you're not from my realm, are you?

My realm? Sallentine? It is my creation, dear. The world of Ink and Dreams! Ahh... You've never been there, have you? I think not, stranger. The only way to access it is through the Gateways, and I alone control them.

How are the others here? Ha! It isn't as if we cannot leave my realm! I forget how many I've brought along, but so far I believe Anna, Honey, Aranova, Koa, and Percy are here.

Yes, I know Percy is truly human. I created him, silly. He's merely visiting in a different form- on Koa's request. Something about holding onto his sanity. Percy wouldn't tell you about his eyes, hum? In all honesty, dear, that's not really your business, but if you must know, it was the result of a childhood accident that could have been much worse.

Why does Koa hate me? Dear me, hate is a very strong word, little one. No, he just disapproves of most everything I do in terms of running Sallentine. Well, the way I go about it, that is. The agony of immortality- I don't have many happy, unique Dreams left to give to my realm to keep it going, sadly. That is why the Dream-Spinners assist me with Dream-Spinning.

Art? Oh, dear, I don't do that. Anna Dreams all of that good jazz. She's rather nifty with penwork. Does all the chronicling for me. Art, literature... Very clever, that kitsune. Just don't make her mad. I did not make her, and have no way to stop her should she decide to take fiery revenge on you.

.....Tiberius? Aha... My god child. A sweet little child. I admit it- Arya's union with the native island spirit wasn't what I'd expected when I told Arya about Ouroboros. It's wonderful to see that lot thriving, even if certain people do try sneaking through the Gateways every now and then.

Ahh... The storm seems to be calming down now. I take it you'll be off to wherever you were going? Travel safe, stranger. May your Dreams be many.


Comments 81

    • that's cute

    • "Hmm.. best luck with that then, I do hope all goes well- good evening, have a good... day? night? I don't know which, but I hope it does turn out alright," he says politely, sliding into the shadow of a nearby rock and vanishing with a nod.

    • "I see-" Tor ponders the information for a while, before speaking again. "You get along well then? It's always nice to have a bit of company to distract from... unpleasant thoughts once in a while." Fiddling nervously with his claws, he adds: "I may have to go in a while- and besides, I don't want to.. inadvertently say something that may upset anyone.."

    • "Ah, that is good to hear then.. Percy? The name sounds familiar though I'm not sure I know who.. they? are.."

    • “You look Absolutely stunning Wykin” Apex says with a charmingly friendly smile.

    • "Hmm, I see.. That's interesting, though I do realize people have different tolerance levels... Very impressive if I do say so myself- and that's nice that Koa has started to calm down, I noticed he didn't seem to.. like..? Some of your decisions-" he cut himself off. "I'm not implying they were bad decisions though-"

    • "Quite understandable, what with an entire world to run... does it get terribly frustrating at times? Ah- and be sure to get enough rest if you're tired, sometimes even immortals cannot endure without the proper care..." He grins nervously. "I've learned that much from Azrael at least."

    • "Ah yes, it... has been a while, hasn't it?" Tor paused, seemingly listening to something. "Um... Azrael says to send her regards- I've been... alright? You?"

    • :0 ty for the comment, that's so cool haha

    • "Ah, it's fine. If my own memory was perfect then I wouldn't need this." *Sandstorm gestures to the book before scribbling in some last notes*

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