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Villager: Skylar



Villager Info

ID: #332111

Name: Skylar

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Dream-Treader

Genus: Shifty

Species: Honey Glider

Color: Thigmotrophan, Starry

Costume: Galaxy


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Skylar looks stunning!

Skylar's very special treasures!


Skylar is a shy bean, very hesitant and soft-spoken. Wykin first created her out of curiosity and hope, so she's filled with both.

She loves making things, like Wykin, so she pursuited the alchemist career- Skylar is now officially the Royal Wizard over in Koa's palace.

Also like her creator, she tends to be a bit untidy, but does try to keep things cleaned up! (She's very chill and mysterious)


She frequently gestures when speaking.

Skylar often spends her time arguing with Koa in Wykin's defense- she knows Wykin on a more personal level, although she doesn't have as much experience and torture from her yet. Skylar's goal is to convince Koa that Wykin isn't so bad. Koa's not having it.

Likes: Dreaming, brewing potions, creating things, arts and crafts, low satuartion colors, cool color pastels, peace, quite, morning dew/gentle rain, the occasional thunderstorm, cuddling loved ones on a cold day, cold coffee, and blueberries

Dislikes: Alarming things like loud noises or strong colors (except thunderstorms), conflict, lies, overly vibrant things, having her vines tugged, being scared/startled, messes, and sour/bitter/spicy foods.

Art by the amazing Swampkeeper ! Swampy and Snekk both run an amazing lil shop, you should go check them out!


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    • Meow!


    • *Kerian looks up a bit* "I'm happy to h-hear that! I've been tricked a lot by other folks before w-when I asked...so I got worried."

    • "S-sorry for scaring y-you, and r-really? Y-you mean it? Y-yay!! I-I've n-never had many friends due to being a spirit.." They look down sadly but they become more corporeal and easier to see

    • "U-um....h-hello...I-I'm not sure if you can see me but...u-um if y-you can...perhaps w-we could b-be friends...?" A soft voice said the outline of a dragon almost unnoticeable

      (I hope I'm doing this right, I wanted to grand your interact with my paintied villagers wish)

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    • The green raptor-like creature gasped, her tail wagging like a dog's.
      "Oh, I love your petals! They're beautiful!"

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