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Villager: Sage

Villager Info

ID: #351171

Name: Sage

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 1 month ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Pozemi20

Species: Goat

Color: Strange Magic


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (213/213)

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Comments 8

    • " It'd be amazing to have people dropping by! It gets a little lonely sometimes. "

    • She chuckled, " No problem! It's always nice to have someone drop by! "

    • " Ah, raffle tickets! To add onto what you have now! "

    • " Usually the barrier protects us from... Melding together... But yes, we can interact just fine! " She says. She pauses for a moment, then gasps, " Oh, and! Clear wanted me to give you these! "

      Greeni hands you a few leaf-shape tickets!

      " I wasn't able to give Marzipan some, so here they are now! "

    • " It does! I can fit in a mini refrigerator, as it turns out. I can also fit in a sink! Very good for life or death situations. "

    • " Maintaining our shape is actually, surprisingly, beyond our control! Some strange Ficans can change their shape slightly, however. And we're more... Liquid? Our body acts like a liquid, but we have a jell-o-like outer shell! "

    • After some pondering, Greeni answered, " They aren't really... Strict on size, shape... But Ficans all have something in common. They're all made from a liquid! Most Ficans can only take form of one type of creature. "

    • " Ah yes! My name's Greeni and it's very nice to meet you! Marzipan told me that you like new species? "

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