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Villager: Sundaze

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ID: #363095

Name: Sundaze

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 1 year, 3 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Puppy

Genus: Shifty

Species: Cat

Color: Cream


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (145/145)

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Approved: 21 Jan 2020, 5:41 am

Likes: 25 ♥

Tags: cat scars wings friendly feral cr0ws

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Paintie made by cr0ws

sundaze will always reply in character! <3

Sundaze is a cream-colored Male cat with three scars on his right eye and a torn ear. His personality is usually very friendly, and he's a good listener. Often, other cats would be wary around him as his scars give him an intimidating appearance. Although he had a rough childhood, he bears it all with a smile on his face, and enjoys comforting others.

Be warned, this is my first time giving a character a backstory, so it isnt all that great :^)

Sundaze never knew who his real family was. As a kitten, he was found and orphaned by a female cat named Bella and a Male cat named Sphynx. As a kitten, he had these silver eyes that always seemed to be glowing and a pair of black wings. At first, sphynx would not let his mate adopt sundaze because he was "unnatural" and "evil". Bella argued with him saying that they couldn't let this cat die just because of his supersitions. They eventually did adopt him after that.

Although sundaze grew to love them as though they were his real parents, Sphynx detested him because of his wings and unusual silver eyes. He'd never praise his "son" or give him advice when he was down; instead, when sundaze seeked guidance from him, sphynx would snarl at him and tell him to toughen up and solve his own problems. This would make sundaze feel very sad, but when Bella heard about the way her mate was treating their adopted son, she got furious at him and they got into a heated argument for several hours. Though the argument over them adopting sundaze or not was many years ago, Sphynx never grew to love sundaze as his own son.

"why can't you just love him for who he is? Why make him feel like you dont love him with all those nasty stuff you're snapping at him everytime he comes to you..? Its as though you just hate the thought of raising a kit that wasn't your own; this isnt fair for him to feel like that, you know"

"I did not ask for him to be in this family. He's not even a NORMAL cat! Look at those wings, bella. Or the silver eyes. Where the hell did he even come from, huh? Theres no way he could have come from a cat; it's not normal for a cat to have WINGS for God's sake. We should have left that thing where we found it"

After the argument, sphynx just grew more and more impatient with Sundaze every passing day. To make things worse, the cats he encountered would always look at him with a look of disgust or fear, and some would just simply avoid him. There was this group of cats that called him a "freak" and "monster". The first fight he had was with the group of cats. He passed by them one day in a forest, then they attacked him and gave him a scar on his leg. Sundaze fled home and refused to tell his adoptive parents anything that happened. Instead, he said it was an accident and he fell.

After the incident, nothing else happened for several months. Sundaze soon forgot about it, and returned to his usual cheerful self. Until one day, when he came back home late at night, he heard raised voices coming from his "parents" room so he went upstairs to eavesdrop. After hearing for a while, he could only stay there, numb as he heard sphynx yelling at his mate that he would not tolerate Sundaze staying with them anymore. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and opened the door, fury and grief in his eyes. He explained to them how he heard everything. Sphynx got furious at him for eavesdropping and leaped at him. Pinning him down, he raked his claws across Sundazes right eye. He screamed in shock and pain as blood welled across his vision and he couldn't see very well. Then, sphynx grabbed one of his wings in his jaws and tore most of it off his back. He heard Bella yell "NO" and leap at her mate. She screamed at sundaze to run with tears in her eyes. He stood there, shaking as the two cats struggled in a vicious fight. Bella yelled again for him to run, and this time, he did.

He ran for only a few moments until he heard a loud snapping noise and a body thump to the ground. He turned around, eyes wide in horror;Sphynx had Bellas neck clamped tightly around his jaws and blood was all around his mouth. He stared in horror at his dead "mother".

"Sphynx..? Why..? Y-you.. killed her..?"

Sphynx let go of Bella and she fell to the ground, limp. Sphynx looked at her with little to no regret at all, only looking at Sundaze with hatred burning in his eyes. Sundaze mustered all his courage to run away, with Sphynx behind him.

He managed to get away from his murderous "father" and never saw him since.

Sundaze also discovered why he had wings and silver eyes. After he fled, he found a cottage in the woods and collapsed at the entrance, exhausted and bleeding. When he woke up, he saw that he was on a bed, one of his wings missing and a bandage on one of his eyes. A small, hairless cat appeared, and dipped his head in greeting. Strangely, sundaze felt at ease with this cat and knew he wasn't any danger. Then, memories flashed into his mind. The fight, Bellas death. He stood there trembling. The cat offered him some food and water, and sundaze accepted. After he finished, the cat explained to him why he was winged and had silver eyes. He was a rare breed, a breed that was born with the power to see into the future and could fly. Although one of his wings got torn off by Sphynx. He also noticed the fresh scars on his ear and eye. Grief welled in his heart. The cat also told him that his real parents were being hunted for their powers and had to hide him, for safety. Sphynx must have been one of those hunters because he wanted to kill him. The cat was a good friend of his parents and gave the cat a necklace for giving to sundaze after he was found again. The cat gave him the necklace and said it's a protection against any dark magic used against him, as hes the last cat of his breed and would be very valuable.

After sundaze stayed at the cats place for a few days, he set off again to go far, far away from Sphynx. Somewhere he'd never find him ever again.


art made by Psikind on Artfight

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    • Skull looked down at Sundaze, curiosity in his eyes. "Well you're certainly not scary," he says, his long tail flicking back and fourth. "In fact, your adorable!"

    • Other villagers see spook. I see good friend. *Gives hug*

    • I know other villagers might think you're scary, but you seem cute to me!

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