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Villager: Sunsteam



Villager Info

ID: #365178

Name: Sunsteam

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 2 years, 3 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Hawkfeather13

Feast Points: 0 (139 All-Time)

Species: Gem Raptor

Color: Highland


House: FurCoin House

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Sunsteam looks stunning!

Sunsteam's very special treasures!


Sunsteam’s a bright, very intelligent animal. She loves sowing and fighting, as she is the cloud lands only warrior. Not one to be gentle very often, she has a bit of a temper but won’t get frustrated fast. Other mistake her for rude but that’s really just to people that mistreat her.
Born in some distant land, and abandoned at a young age. Found by a kind mountain lion, who set her on a path. She still visits her regularly. From then on she moved to the cloud lands and works as a tailor in her free time, and as a warrior regularly.

Comments 22

    • Pebble sits still, but in a way that you think they're saying, "Thank you!"

    • Plasma blinks, realising eventually that this Gem Raptor is not the same one that recently took a bite of him. "Oh! Hello," he grins. "Well, I wouldn't say I enjoy it but uh, I enjoy that it makes other people happy, I guess?" He laughs nervously. "If that makes sense. Anyway, sure you can!" He offers his tail to Sunsteam, thinking twice on whether to question if there are such things as vegetarian raptors.

    • who are you and why should I care??

    • Don't worry about it! :) I can totally see where the resemblance to a Sea/Mudwing would be, so its no biggie lol.

    • Ah, no she's not. ^^" But I can see why you would think that! She's actually a hybrid of two personal dragon species of mine.

    • "W-W-Why t-thank y-you, I-I do try t-to pride m-myself in my w-writing...h-hope to s-see you a-at the f-festival...!"
      (Thank you for the kind words, I honestly thought I went overboard with the writing. XDDD)

    • Oh, ok. The custom on Azrael's profile should have my toyhouse link on it's profile n_n
      You can just click the picture- it's a bbcode link.

    • For advice, or for me to make you a custom? (Just a little confused XD)

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