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Villager: Thalia


Villager Info

ID: #393184

Name: Thalia

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 6 months, 25 days ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: SageTheAce

Genus: Shifty

Species: Cat

Color: Black (white decal)


House: Oceandome House (1/83)

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Thalia looks stunning!

Thalia's very special treasures!


"Hello! My name is Thalia, I'm Sage's main fursona, so I'm usually her active villager. I'll be participating in the next feast, and I make potions for Alice to use."

Personality: Shy, anxious, but friendly once you get to know her. She can be stand-offish if you offend her or a friend, but after a minute or two she realized that she spoke up and quickly apologizes for whatever she said

Looks: Well, you're looking at her!! She's got a black base with white spotted decal on her face and spots on her sides. She wears two feathers on her right ear, and a matching tailband. These never come off, they were given to her by her deceased mother. If she wears clothes, she wears a teal green tank top with light gray shorts.

How long I've had her: I would say about 2-3 years? I believe that I made her as a feral character in 2017-2018 and just recently converted her into anthro, and added a few details to make her my main fursona.

Can you draw her?: Feel free to!! Just let me know if you're going to share it on any platform, I might ask you not to.

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Comments 19

    • ((Of course))

      Oh, alright then! Thank you for dropping by, then!

    • *Honey hesitates*

      No, not really! ^^"

      Perhaps if you could go check on Anna, make sure she's doing alright? You were right earlier, Wykin's been having her working a ton on writings and such...

    • ((Ahh it's fine! <3))

      *Honey doesn't verbally respond, but nods ever so slightly. It seems as if he'd rather not be complimented...*

    • *Honey looks taken aback*

      Does it? No one's ever told me that before...

      *He shifts a bit, seeming uncomfortable*

    • *Honey pauses for a moment*

      I actually don't know. My name at birth probably wasn't Honey, that's just what everybody at the labs called me when I was young.

      They had my name as "Honey Rhosens" on file, so that's what I've always gone by, but I don't remember what my real name is.

    • ((Sounds like a wonderful character! :O))

      It is! :>

    • ((Whose? :O))

      Oh, that? Thankfully, none of us has to worry about it too much-- Wykin doesn't tolerate those sort of things in our world... However, it has been a bit difficult in other realms, I agree.

    • ((OOOOH MY GOODNESS WHAT AN OOF <if you could just hide that comment that'd be wonderful>))

      *Honey blinks, genuinely surprised.*
      Really? Normally it's the other way around! How odd...

      Although, all Glass Roses are kinda unstable, so I guess that's not really....

      Perhaps Wykin's getting on his nerves again, poor fellow.

    • ((Snapper Glider MYO slots are available for purchase in my adopt shop! ^^))

      *Honey's expression softens*

      Ahhh. It's alright, I don't mind too much...

      I suppose I should have expected you to come around if you've met Anna... She can be a bit eccentric. ^^"

      Normally people don't come around to see me. My reputation's not been great, haha...

    • *Honey looks up. He seems confused.*

      Oh! A-are you?

      *He fumbles for a moment, uncertain at how to react.*

      Thank you, I suppose?

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