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Villager: Bo


Villager Info

ID: #396693

Name: Bo

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 1 year, 2 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Kaible

Feast Points: 623 (31638 All-Time)

Species: Red Panda

Color: Natural

Costume: Feast


House: Oceandome House (58/500)

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Approved: 24 Nov 2020, 4:00 am

Likes: 30 ♥

Tags: alien 15540 kaible

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Bo is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Bo looks stunning!

Bo's very special treasures!


bo | immortal | he/him
lovable idiot alien who can't do anything right

ghosts, ghouls, monsters, goblins, cryptids, and mythical creatures of all kinds are drawn to him because he stumbled into the apprentice position of a man who is known to help them with all their problems. he wakes up every day hating his job because quite frankly, he sucks at his job and he's terrified out of his mind and he really just wants to go back to his home planet. but....he does kind of feel good when he does get to help one of his clients, even if they are kind of scary.

art in bio by my irl friend who wished to remain uncredited


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