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Villager: Binky

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ID: #40015

Name: Binky

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 5 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: bookshelph

Species: Rabbit

Color: Fluffy

Costume: Fluffy


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 24 Jul 2016, 3:25 am

Likes: 28 ♥

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Binky looks stunning!


Binky, the sweet rabbit and darling of Sirius!

Binky is quite relaxed for a rabbit, preferring to snooze on the floor than to hop around. She still has spurs of energy, and such energy usually goes to work tending to her garden of plants. She also enjoys playing with the village's wildlife, and is quite amazed by all the little animals she can find!

Paintie created by me!

Comments 6

    • AW Binky is such a good name for a bun!! I have a real life bun named 'Inky '(Shes a black havana) and we call her Inky Binky

      Do you own buns too? :O

    • Cuuuute little nose!

    • Aww! Cutie little Binky! ❤

    • Yep, yep! Silvie is based on my FR persona, who's a Moon/Raspberry/Cottoncandy Cherub/Shimmer/Glimmer Skydancer.

    • Lumi is absolutely huggable

    • Thank you for the kind words~

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