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Villager: Killian



Villager Info

ID: #46663

Name: Killian

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 2 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Dreki

Feast Points: 0 (1652 All-Time)

Species: Deer

Color: White Tailed

Costume: Royal


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/250)

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Approved: 6 Jul 2016, 10:32 am

Likes: 215 ♥

Tags: baelfin

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Killian is infected with Glitterosclerosis. Their glittering horn fills their mind with thoughts of sweets, joy, joyness, and liopleurodons. If you get tired of rainbows and magical adventures on bridges, eating a Golden Apple will crumble the horn.

Killian looks stunning!

Killian's very special treasure!


Villager Purchased from Baelfin , 10/18!
Killian's paintie is also by Baelfin .


Comments 50

    • amazing! wow... <3 <3 <3

    • That is quite the tanky villager that you have there. Dont think I have seen anyone have that much resistence and mititgation with light armor.

    • "The rodent wants you to lock doors?..." Zatarin couldn't quite comprehend that, but decided it's best to leave it alone. "You know, it's weird. I could have sworn I once saw a guy with a pet like that...Who was also named Ralph. The pet, I mean. Strange, right?" Zatarin shrugged before deciding to turn around correctly to walk out of the room. "With that, just know if I walk in on anything awkward it's your fault for saying I can walk in." Zatarin glanced over his shoulder at Killian. "But make sure you knock on my door, no barging in."

      Zatarin quickly made his way out of the room and headed for the exit. Upon reaching the door, he inhaled sharply and shouted. "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A VAGRANT IS!" The door could be heard opening before slamming shut. But then it opened again. "I MEAN, BYE!" And slam went the door again. What a loud exit...

    • "Does he eat glitter? Hm, I'll have to say no. Maybe when he was a kid though." Zatarin chuckled at the thought. "Drifts of glitter sounds...Like something from a nightmare. The last time I came in contact with the stuff was- Well, the context doesn't matter but I found bits in my fur for days." Zatarin looked off to the side and scratched at his mane.

      "You can be a friend if you want, but I'm still a bad influence. Whatever I suggest to do, always say no. Trust me. It will save everyone some sanity." Zatarin slowly began to back out of the room. "No, no I can walk out alone. I don't need you to hold my hand and show me the way." Zatarin stuck his tongue out immaturely before accidentally bumping in to the wall behind him and he let out a snort in response. "And this is why I can't walk backwards...By the way, next time I'll actually knock if I show up. I figured you might not answer so I just, uh...Yeah."

    • Zatarin placed a paw to his chin in thought. He looked generally confused at the moment, but then he gets a half-assed grin and lowers his paw. "I've heard it used outside a romantic context before. Does a book really know everything anyways?" Zatarin's ears perked up and he shook his head. "What do they call it...Well, I have no idea. You know English is very confusing. I wonder how long I have known it." Zatarin scratched behind an ear. "Don't ask what I mean by that." Zatarin cleared his throat as if interrupting himself.

      "Yes, a friend of mine had a concerning amount of glitter in his closet. I finally gave him a use for some of it. I...Still have no idea why he has all that glitter. He won't tell me. Maybe I don't want to know. He might be plotting something, you know? One day I'll find the town covered in glitter, or something. No, he can't be that evi- i m rambling again, aren't I? I'm sorry, I'm sure you wan't to go back to sleep. I can leave? I just, uh. Thanks for the box that contained no cheese? But next time, you can just try visiting. I don't bite, usually."

    • "Oh what, cheesy means bad? Now you're just assuming things." Zatarin's arms dropped to his sides limply and his ears flattened back. He could practically smell the awkwardness, if awkward had a smell. "If you think I came all the way here to insult your gift I'm disappointed. I'm not that big of an ass." He huffed and lifted his right arm to flick Killian on one of his antlers. "No, the gift was fine...Glitter boy." Zatarin let out a short snicker. He wasn't sure if Killian even figured out he had been the one who had sent that glitter bomb prank sent ages ago.

    • "Is it morning? I wouldn't call it that either. It's more of, ah, an in-between of- Yeah know what, never mind that." Zatarin rolled his eyes and crossed his arms when Killian said they had been on sale. He doubts that's the only reason he got them, but he won't question it further. "Nice hat though, was it discounted too?" He was jokingly referring to Ralph.

      "But...Magical...Me? No. I hate magic. The time I vanished wasn't me- I mean, the tree thing. I mean, I have a sword that lets me turn invisible but I can't phase through things that way. No, I just picked your lock." Zatarin gave a wide grin for a moment before his expression became more neutral. "Social call? No, but breaking and entering perhaps. But fine, let's skip all that. Instead, what was with the cheesy basket you had sent?"

    • Zatarin refrained from laughing when Killian fell, not wanting to lose his composure. "Good evening? It's a bit later than that." Zatarin's ears flicked and he now walked further in to the room. "So, is this how you usually greet people when they break in to your house? How do you know I'm not here to..." Zatarin narrowed his eyes as he observed what Killian was wearing. "Here to...Steal those hideous things and get you a new look? You look like a kid in those things." Zatarin shook his head and his mane poofed up, which he than ran his paws over to smooth back down.

      "Are you not even the slightest bit concerned how I got in here? Or why I am here?" Zatarin questioned. He at least expected a wack on the head by now, a headbutt, something. He questioned if maybe Killian just hadn't had time to process anything yet. "Shouldn't you be going on about tickets by now?"

    • When the rustling was heard Zatarin's ears perked up and he stared intently in the direction, waiting. But upon seeing the plump furball charge out at him he let out a quick hiss of air from his teeth as if trying not to laugh. Zatarin watched Ralph as he stood motionlessly, letting the small animal do what ever it was it was doing before it took off. 'He has odd choices in pets.' Zatarin thought to himself

      Zatarin's eyes dart in the direction of the voice. He thinks for a moment, then gets a shitty grin on his face. Holding out his hands, a sword materializes in his paws from seemingly nowhere. Zatarin then vanished with the sword in hand, fading away like some shadowy ghost. And where he reappeared was the entrance of the bedroom.

      The first thing seen was a flash of sharp fangs and red eyes peering in to the room, the rest of himself slowly materializing like some sort of demon in a horror movie. The sword vanished from his paws after Zatarin had came in to full view and he then slammed his paws on the door frame before whispering in a hushed, yet rough, voice. "Hello there."

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