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Villager: King Etienne

Villager Info

ID: #49

Name: King Etienne

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Lupin

Feast Points: 0 (52 All-Time)

Species: Gembound

Color: Citrine

Costume: Royal


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/250)

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King Etienne's very special treasure!


All comments by King Etienne are in-character.

Darling sister, if only you could have lived to see me come this far.

Even a ghost cannot touch me through stone walls.

Darling, with our kingdoms united, we will be invincible.

When he was born, Etienne was third in line for the throne, sharing this rank with his sister, behind the Duke and his firstborn son, a blond boy named Aurelien only a few months his senior. He and his sister, although they would likely never truly be royal, were well-beloved in court. It was through tragedy that the pair were even considered for the position. A terrible fire ravaged the Duke's home, engulfing father and mother, and rendering the eldest child unfit for rule. This truly terrible incident lead to the upheaval of the kingdom, and Gwenwyn and Etienne stepped forward to bring the fearful beast back to heel, with only their humble educations and pragmatic demeanor to help them.

Tragedy struck again shortly after, devastating the family once more. Gwenwyn was ravaged by a beast, and left a shell of her former self. Although she survived the encounter, it was just barely, and with the help of a neighboring queen who loved her well, Gwenwyn was given new life... although now, much like the former prince, she was hardly fit to rule.

It was Etienne who brought the kingdom together in a time of grief. By his power, the beast which killed his sister was captured and enslaved for the sake of the kingdom, and the people rejoiced to at least have a place to push their blame. Etienne, the sole remaining heir, was crowned King after bringing the people a brief moment of hope.

Although well loved by his people, King Etienne is never safe, as there are still those who would desire his life as well. There are rumors circulating that a skull-faced monster is in pursuit of the young king's life, and will stop at nothing to kill him. The King keeps his guards close to him for this reason, and never strays far from his castle, paranoid. Even darker rumors suggest that there is no such beast chasing after the king, and it is a delusion of his mind- a manifestation of his fears after seeing so many around him die.

Paintie by buffalo
Comment CSS by Tashamon
Everything else by Me
King Etienne plushie commissioned by me!
Praise your snarky overlord.

Comments 16

    • I have found a plush of you, commisioning a plush of yourself is a very good idea. Perhaps i will make my tailor make plush of myself to distribute among the land. itsalways nice to see what other royals are doing.

    • GASP
      hes got a cute lil plushie of himself!!

    • "I though your Highness would like to know what I had found."
      Black Rose holds out a King Etienne Plushie.
      "I will treasure it."

    • a tragic story of a royal. A true shame when greats fall. I can relate. I hope that you may find peace someday, King.

      [just really wanted to say i lovee your character bio and paintie :3]

    • Ahaha omg the blood spatter
      This CSS is awesome ;w;

    • (OOC: Oh my god the little bit of CSS where you hover over the villager's name in the comments and it gets struck out and turns red?? It's so clever, holy heck
      It's like a hit list and he's crossing their names off, it's such a little detail but so awesome and so suited to the character. ;o;
      Speaking of which, all your characters' lore is amazing and I love how it's intertwined. It's so incredibly clever because you have to like, figure things out for yourself by reading the different profiles? hhh I'm sorry I'm rambling but I love your lore so much)

    • The Raccoon flinched quite a bit, but attempted to regain his posture and look like he really meant business. "Y-Yes sir, of course, sir." He stared off at the side, looking at some quite fine paintings, he began to fidget, but then realised what he was doing and snapped his gaze back to the king. He sometimes had a tendency to...Accidentally steal things. He would walk along the homes, repairing many things, but then accidentally sliding his hands off to the side, grabbing something and stuffing it into his tail, only to return home and shake his tail slightly to find lots of jingling shiny things, but ends up feeling so guilty and embarrassed he just keeps them. "I wont be a problem sir, don't worry sir!" He began to shake, and to calm himself down, he played with his tail, only to have multiple shiny golden coins fall out.

    • "Ah, hello sir! I hail from a village, not too far from here, and have come to explore. You must be wondering why i am even stepping into your fine castle...I see that the castle, while well kept and clearly quite beautiful, there are a few things in this great palace that could use some repairs, correct? I will repair this things for you for absolutely no cost. Ah, by the way, you have quite the amazing crown and cape, majesty. Truly fine craftsmanship." The Raccoon stepped back slightly, clearly intimidated by the king. He hoped he would accept his offer, for he needed practice.

    • Lookin' fierce, your Majesty.

    • "Ah yes, your highness. Must be amazing to be a king and get all these beautiful things.."

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